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cheesus christ.... the mouse savior
Status: wow I would never had thought darth vader would of turned out to be Luke skywalkers farther
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star whores #black metal matters alien prints alien zombie bondage art book zombies in birmingham zombie art book alien
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Sex: male
Age: 26
Location: birmingham, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Widow
Having sex with: sketch666
Rating: 9.33
Rating points: 858
Member since: December 04, 2011
Last logged in: May 29, 2017, 10:40pm
Occupation: freelance illustrator
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 92 people

I am the self proclaimed zombie king of england
im a freelance illustrator from birmingham UK. feel free to check out my work
my work can be dark, erotic, sexy and gory. Most of my work is hand drawn and black and white. I like all things creative so if your an artist of some sort feel free to talk to me, i'd gladly check out your stuff.

I'm a very shy guy and very unconfident, i never know what to say and usually say it wrong. i'm the personification of imperfection, and mascot for the wierd

favourite films = alien,saw,the descent,terminator,lotr,the dark knight, night of the living dead, predator, sin city, 300, cloverfield, 28 days later, black hawk down, gladiator, reservoir dogs, texas chainsaw, ...

favourite tv shows = game of thrones, breaking bad, the walking dead, daredevil, mr robot, sons of anarchy, hannibal, dexter, american horror story, ray donavon, the americans, boardwalk, 24, vikings, spartacus.

favourite cartoons = family guy, south park, archer, metalocalypse, drawn together,rick and morty, mr pickles, the boondocks, old simpsons
favourite games = metal gear, pro evo, silent hill, gta, tmb raider, crash bandicoot.
favourite food = chicken wings, curry, kebab

a few facts about me.... i HATE CHEESE, i love morgan freeman(i would go gay for margan), .... and yes... i do have 2 legs
zombies, gore, boobs, Morgan freeman, drink, porn, moshpits, the snooze button, spontaneous montages, scripted tv, kebab, curry, art, gigs, mythology
old people, kids, god, waking up in the moring, the pope, santa, sonic, minecraft, buses, hangovers, fish sticks, cheese, anime, people who are obsessed with things and go on and on about it none fucking stop... wierd phone calls, presentations, essays, lack of drink, reality tv, grammer police, memes, def leppard
Favorite Music:
slipknot,eminem, the defiled, crossfaith, cane hill, asking alexandria, bring me the horizon, motionless in white, Architects, korn, enter shikari, hollywood undead, prodigy, murderdolls, marilyn manson, rob zombie, system of a down, rammstein, machinehead, five finger death punch, tech n9ne, trivium, dethklok, aqua...
Homepage: http://ayillustrations.blogspot.com/
Link 1: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ayillustrations
Link 2: http://ayillustrations.tumblr.com/
Link 3: https://www.facebook.com/ayillustrations

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