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VampireFreaks.com - Getting Started

This page is meant to be a manual for users on how to make their site experience the most productive and entertaining.


All navigation links are found on the left side of the screen in the "left navigation menu", and also on the top javascript pull-down menu. Most frequently used links pertaining to your account will be found on the left navigation menu.
At the top of your left navigation, it will say "Logged in as username" [where username is your username]. Click on your username to view your profile.

Update your Profile

You can update your profile by clicking "edit profile" on the left navigation. Here you can post some information about yourself and update your profile options.
VF accepts HTMl and CSS code.
To add some pictures, click "edit pictures" on the left navigation. At the top is a link to upload pictures.
To change your icon, click "edit icons", your icon will appear above your screen name on any messages you post.


Inbox - these messages are private messages, similar to email, which are only viewed by yourself. From the inbox page, you can delete, reply, and save messages. At the top of the inbox page, there are links to go to your "outbox", "saved messages" and "invites".
outbox - anytime you send a user an inbox message, it goes into your outbox. you can delete messages from your outbox, and they will get deleted from that user's inbox. this is useful if you send a message and then decide you really didn't want to send the message.
saved messages - when you save messages from your inbox, this is where they will go. normal inbox messages get deleted after 60 days, but saved messages are saved indefinitely.
invites - when you get invited to a cult, this is where it goes.
Comments - these are messages you receive which are displayed at the bottom of your profile. You can delete / forward / reply to these the same way as inbox messages.
Pic Comments - these are comments posted on your pictures. they work the same as regular comments, except you can receive a "private" comment which is only viewable by yourself and the user who left it.


To create a journal, click on "my journal", and if you have not created a journal before, you will be prompted to enter a name for your journal. You can edit your journal name / description, and you can also enter CSS style code to modify your journal layout. Journal entries can be posted as public (anyone can view), friends only (only users on your friends list can view) or private (only you can view).
one useful feature is to view your "friends journals", where you can view the latest journals posted by people on your friends list.


Cults are the name for user communities on Vampirefreaks. Anyone can create a cult, although free members can only create 1 cult. From the top navigation menu, under "Cults", "my cults", will list all your cults you are currently subscribed to. "cult updates" lists the latest messages posted to your cults. "browse cults" will allow you to view all the cults on the site and choose which ones you would like to join. Cults are a big part of Vampirefreaks.com; we recommend being active in a few cults, it is a great way to socialize with other users.


The messageboard is actually the oldest part of Vampirefreaks.com. We have members who have been on the messageboard for years before profiles were created. The most active forum on the messageboard is "random thoughts". There are a few different forum topics to choose from so you can choose what you are the most interested in. By being an active member on the messageboard and obtaining high post counts, you gain the possibility of earning access to more "vip" forums on the messageboard.

Friends / Favorites / Shitlist / Blocked users

You can add any user to your friends / favorites / shitlist or blocked list. By adding a user to your friends list, you will receive updates on their new journal postings and it will allow them to view any of your "friends only" journals. Also you will receive any "broadcasts" from anyone on your friends list. Favorites list is more for people you may not really be friends with, but perhaps like their style or want to bookmark their profile. When you block a user they can no longer send you messages on the site. Also, premium members have the option of setting it so only logged in users can view their profile, in which case any blocked users will be blocked from their profile as well.


Vampirefreaks.com is very focused on music, and we have a large number of great bands on the site. we recommend checking out the band profiles, it is a great way to discover new music and communicate with some great bands. You can add bands to your "bands list", which is a good way to bookmark your favorite artists and will allow you to receive notifications from them. Also, you can create your own custom vampirefreaks music playlist from any band music found on the site. Simply click the red "[+]" sign on the band's music player and it will add that song to your playlist. To access your playlist, go to the top menu under "music".

Premium Membership

While most of the features on Vampirefreaks.com are free, we do offer some extra cool features as part of premium membership. Extra features include extra picture storage space, advanced user search, sending out inbox notifications to all your friends at once, plus much more. Premium membership is very cheap and if you enjoy the site, it is greatly appreciated if you support Vampirefreaks.com by becoming a premium member. To learn more about premium membership, you can go here: VampireFreaks Premium Membership

More Stuff

Above is just a brief overview to get you started. There are many other features on the site, feel free to explore the rest of the areas of Vampirefreaks.com as well.

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