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Id be good if I could but I cant so I wont!
Status: In Seattle once again....
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An oldie! Who needs a naughty nurse? Selfie Cut my hair :/
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Sex: female
Age: 33
Location: Hot Ass Phoenix, Arizona, United States
Orientation: Straight
In a relationship with: chris666inaz
Rating: 9.86
Rating points: 2585
Member since: July 13, 2009
Last logged in: June 26, 2017, 07:57am
Occupation: Being bad ass!!!
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Latest Journal Entry: I'm feeling lost   October 27, 2015, 12:53am

Alight, I usually hate this part. Does anyone actually read this? If so, my name is Jenn and I'm single again. I recently broke off an engagement. Realized I was in no way ready for that kind of commitment and decided to end it. I'm just on here to talk to new people with the same interests. Maybe even meet if you are near by. I know a lot of people but only have a handful of friends. I'm willing to talk to anyone about anything. I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt which has caused disappointments in the past. My favorite quote is "Live as if you are going to die tomorrow and love as if your heart will never be broken." I guess that's it for now. Random facts about me: I like kissing girls. I have nine piercings but want more. Have horrible coordination like you would not believe. You will always see me listening to music, can't live without it. Wish to own a penguin someday. Bruise easily and always have a bruise. Sometimes I don't even know where they come from. Can always laugh at myself which happens a lot. I don't like my food to touch each other and if they do touch I won't eat the parts that are touching. Once thought hamburger came from a pig (HAMburger). Absolutely love Family Guy! Scare easily. I have a lot of lesbian dreams. I will rate back whatever you rate me :)
Honest people because they usually dont play games. I love tattoos and piercings especially on guys. The more the better. I dont have any tatts now but Im planning on getting some. I love to read, TV rots your brain. I love listening to music but saying love is an understatement. I cant live without music. I also like to write poems, my thoughts and feelings, words to music. Oh yeah, of course puppies and rainbows!!!!
Douche bags (frat boys or preppy guys), narrow minded people, gangsta rap, catty bitchy girls, and overly religious people. I do have a couple of pet peeves. 1)when people dont know the difference between there, their, and they're. 2)people that chew food then take a sip of their drink and continue to chew then swallow. Ugh. Im weird about my food.
Favorite Music:
I LOVE music. I can sit in the dark and just listen to music. I could not live without music. HIM, My Chemical Romance, Alesana, Muse, Bullet For My Valentine, Linkin Park, All That Remains, NIN, Armor For Sleep, As I Lay Dying, Slipknot. Those are some of the bands I listen to. For some reason Im drawing a blank on other bands. Having a blonde moment.

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