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Status: Feeling very alone
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He makes me stupidly happy My baby Artemis
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Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: Bum Fuck Egypt, Arizona, United States
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: In a relationship
Partner in crime with: Flamedragon
Best Friends with: Flamedragon
Likes to party with: Flamedragon
Lives with: Flamedragon
Best Friends with: Special_Pixie_Stix
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Mistress to: Special_Pixie_Stix
Fantasizes about: TypicallyHorrific
Partner in crime with: FangQueen
Recruited By: M
Rating: 9.94
Rating points: 4453
Member since: April 12, 2008
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: Student
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 448 people
Latest Journal Entry: Amunet's Thoughts   March 05, 2017, 09:32pm


My name is Sydney I'm bi-sexual, 20 years old and currently attending college. I'm Half White, Half Mexican/Native American and proud of it! Ok here's a big thing if you are under the age of 17 please DO NOT ADD ME OR TALK TO ME! I feel really weird if you do! I am into things like magick, anime, Ancient History, and scary ghost vampyre things. I am pretty damn easy to get along with just don't get me mad! I'll curse your ass! Lol! I'm open minded, fun to be around, but I know when it’s time to be serious. I like meeting new people and making new friends. I'm into mostly all types of music! Anime and music are HUGE parts of my life! I can't live without either of them! I also really want to be an actress and enjoy being in acting classes and being on stage! I am a supporter of same sex marriages and I love the gay community but that goes without saying considering I'm Bi-sexual! I am Christian and believe in god and no I am not going to hell for being who I am and the Devil did not make me. I’m religious but I am open minded to other religions and will not judge anyone based on their beliefs. I will not push my beliefs on you, therefore I would rather you don’t push yours on me. I also don’t take kindly to people telling me my religion is wrong. Or telling me that I’m going to hell because I’m bi. I also can’t stand when someone tries to tell me where my place is just because I’m a girl, so please don’t talk to me if that’s what you’re going to do, cuz my place is not underneath you or behind you it’s besides you. I’m a bit crazy and very random but that’s what makes me who I am. You can’t put a label on me I’m in my own little category. I am a bit of a pervert and am very open with my friends, as my friends are with me. I’m the friend that everyone comes to when they have problems and need advice because I do not judge and actually listen to them. I’m also the person who can keep the whole room laughing. I am very loyal to my friends, and I will do anything for certain ones, I don’t trust people but that is a result of issues in my past those that are lucky enough for me to trust are only those that I would deem worthy because they have shown me that I can trust them. Despite the fact that I seem very happy and go lucky that’s not always how I’m feeling. I don’t like talking about my feelings much because most of the time it doesn’t help me. I’m the type to bottle everything inside until I can’t take it anymore. I am also the type to help carry my friend’s burdens even though I shouldn’t have to. All in all I’m a pretty good friend to have, because I don’t judge you, I don’t care what race you are, what sex you are, what your sexuality is, what you do, what I decide on is your personality and if it’s compatible with mine! Also because of the fact that I am very open-minded I am very opinionated and if you happen to be doing something I really don’t like or you say something that is offensive to me I will tell you off. I also tell it how it is I can’t stand people sugarcoating things to try to make it seem better just tell it to me straight and I will do the same for you. All in all if you wanna be friends add me and message me and we shall start on the road!

Rain, Nighttime, the Moon, Music, Anime, Manga, Cosplaying, Acting, Singing, Dancing, Reading, Writing, Vampyre's, hanging with friends, Cats, Dogs, Horses, Wolves, Tigers, Manatees, Computers, Video games, Randomness, Black, Purple, Blood red, Biting, Being Bitten, Funny yet awkward conversations, Ancient History, Open minded people, Astrology, Stars, Dark Hunter series.

Pink, Girly girls, Preps, The sun, Haters, Cheaters, Abusive people, Cruelty to animals, Deserts, Racists, close minded people, Boredom, Spiders, Veggies,

Evanescence, Three days grace, Skillet, Within Temptation, Brandy, Cher, Rascal Flats, Classical music, J-pop, K-pop, Fly leaf, Foreign music, Techno, Old school! Music that makes me get up and dance really! Like I said I listen to alot of music!


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