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im sorry, i dont speak pineapple
Status: There's no sense crying over every mistake
You just keep on trying til you run out of cake
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made a new friend My cat asleep =) Me at lurgan park uploaded from mobile My cat mid yawn
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Sex: male
Age: 32
Location: Lurgan, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single
Rating: 9.16
Rating points: 1448
Member since: July 16, 2006
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: work in currys (electronic store)
Account Status: Free Account
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hi just looking for interesting people to chat to and such, I like to message random people and am always looking for someone new to talk to, im quite a shy person so usually dont know much to say, but i like to think i can be entertaining too once ya get to know me
if ya wanna chat about anything then feel free to message me, looking new online buddys and will chat about any old thing. Though I usually dont make good conversation at the start, but I grow to be at least a teeny bit entertaining
i like all regular stuff, music, movies, games and so on, if ya wanna know more just ask
also, most people on this site are from america, austrailia etc etc, so if i leave ya a compliment, doesnt mean im trying to get into your undergarments lol
im trying to think up other ways to sum up myself...or give more info about me....but im hitting a brick wall here (not literally, like an emo lol) so i think il just try to go off on one and see what comes out.....ahh screw it, another time lol
sometimes i absolutely adore other people, and sometimes the mere thought of other people makes me feel weird and i like to be alone...im kinda odd like that lol
also, i leave private comments cause they're meant for whoever is in the pic, not the world and his wife lol
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rock music. computer games (360-live), spending time with certain people, the strangely addictiive internet, weed, Lost, hot showers (big time relaxation), lying in bed listening to music without a care in the world, making others smile, general stuff....i guess lol
movies - star wars, saw 1-4, lord of the rings, super troopers, and just anything scary, funny or full of killing people =] oh and abit of sci fi too :)
tv - lost, prison break, superatural, the walking dead, falling skies, family guy, how i met your mother
games - halo, fallout, saints row, the elder scrolls, GTA, left 4 dead, fable
chavs! ugh lol. and posers and such. also dont like the amount of idiots they let on the internet who cant spell and their first thing to say to a woman is lets meet/whats your msn/wanna cyber etc etc, and usually they cant spell for shit, or have good grammar, im no spelling/grammar nazi but people who write "lyk ur stile" need to be bitch slapped with a dictionary, same with chavs who type exactly as they sound lol. ok i think i listed more dislikes than likes....im gonna stop now lol
Favorite Music:
skillet, dope, iron maiden, sixx am, evans blue, korn, staind, nonpoint, lacuna coil, drowning pool, erase the grey, earshot, spineshank, dry cell, marilyn manson, dry cell, soil, evanescence, metallica, nirvana, falling up, 10 years, 12 stones, three days grace, slipknot, mudvayne, mushroomhead, trapt, trust company, breaking benjamin <3, pillar, and so on. love music with a passion but too lazy to type out bands, so have a look at my profile on myspace for a big ass list =]
Link 1: http://www.myspace.com/monolith1985
Link 2: http://www.bebo.com/monolith1985

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