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Cheer up emo kid.   Going to underworld. With Nero Bellum of psyclon nine at cybertron Hi At redrum ball with Ian Fford Me n josh at steampunk worlds fair At the panzie concert with josh Steampunk batman With @xentrifuge DJ'ing at Underworld Tonight!  Free Party in Brooklyn! Rollerblading i could use some positive vibes, so here's a rainbow with a unicorn
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Sex: male
Age: 28
Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Status: Single
Works with: ShadowNightz
Partner in crime with: Vasa_Pixie
Stalking: a_typical
Wants to kill: jet
In a gang with: VampireLily
Buddies with: Rox
Plotting against: MidnightSkye
Likes to party with: Candylust
Rating: 9.84
Rating points: 25210
Member since: March 16, 2004
Last logged in: June 24, 2017, 02:38pm
Account Status: Webmaster
Rated by: 2562 people
Latest Journal Entry: Cybertron Tomorrow with Velvet Acid Christ   June 23, 2017, 01:35pm

I'm the webmaster of this site, as well as VF Store. I have a beautiful 9 yr old son named Joshua who means the world to me. My life pretty much consists of working on this site and hanging out at home. I'm a computer geek, have a degree in computer science. Worked as a software engineer for a while, but now I just work on this site full time, which is a lot of work but I love to do it. I'm also a dj / promoter here in NYC. I love industrial / ebm music. I know a lot of kids on vf really aren't into industrial music, but this site has always been a gothic/industrial site and I try to focus the site on its original theme despite its massive growth. No, I'm not famous in real life, only on the internet. :p I guess sometimes people online tend to think I'm larger than life because I run this site and the site is so popular. But I'm just another shy antisocial computer geek. Just another lost soul trying to make sense of the world. I like to think about the decisions we make and their outcomes. How different people interact, why we choose to be a certain way. This world is so full of deception and secrets. People getting recycled into different relationships. Our intricate web of drama and truth. What is "goth" really? I've seen many definitions. Usually it's defined as a way of life, a way of thinking, a personal style choice. On the outside, the most apparent differences are music styles and clothing style. On the inside, it's more a different way of thinking. It is interesting how the goth scene changes though, the goth scene of today is nothing like the goth scene of the 80s. New music, new dress style. To some old skool goths, the goth scene died years ago. To me, its still alive but its mutated and not quite the same. In a way, this site is my attempt to revive the scene. I'm usually a relaxed person. I've been through enough to know that it's useless to get upset over little things, so its pretty hard to get me upset. If you disprespect me I simply stop trusting you. Life's too short to be upset all the time. I've been through a depression phase in my teens, as it seems a lot of freaks tend to go through some sort of hard times, and I think that its healthy to experience pain. It only makes you stronger, and once you're through with it, it's harder to get hurt and makes you a better person. Looking back at hard times, I learn to appreciate it for the experience. I do read all the comments I receive, but I rarely have the time to respond, so don't be offended if you don't get a response. Sorry but if I tried responding to all my messages I'd never get anything else done. If you have any site issues, please report them to the vf VF Support team and they will help you out.
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