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Created on: May 10, 2012


What are VF Models?

VF Models are sexy, freaky, goths, cybergoths, lolitas, steampunks and any other type of alternative you can come up with!
This is not your typical models site. We want the beautiful freaks!
We want creative, interesting, artistic, talented, experienced and fun models with real personalities.
We want those who are not afraid to express themselves!


Read Thoroughly

01 Must have 12+ professional quality images with at least 5 photo shoots. Which must be recent.
02 Must be 18 years old or older.
03 Must have established VF Account for at least 3-6 months, with entire profile filled out.
04 Must be an active VF Member and willing to join our Models cult and have the ability to read and type in English to participate.
05 No sexually explicit images
06 Must have something outstanding that makes us go wow!

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