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Created on: November 22, 2013
Welcome To Wicklow City
In this city no ones normal, all the residents have been living secret lives ever since they can remember. They've had to hide things about themselves from parents, friends, family, and everyone else around them

These aren't your average people. Each one of them has got some sort of super natural power, or trait, about them. Whether it's the ability to read minds, or the fact that they turn into a mermaid at the slightest drop of water hitting their skin, they each know that they are not normal.

Then one day, they receive a package, which says that it is from the US government. The government has invited them to move to a walled society where everybody else is similar to them; abnormal. Not wanting to live a lie anymore, they all agree, and move to the city, far away from any civilization. I city all to themselves.

But living in a contained space with all of these powers is not as easy as they thought. Drama is waiting around every corner, tempers rise above boiling points, and some powers are so strong, that they can kill. Even with some of the worlds strongest super powers, no one is safe.
» All VF rules apply. This cult is a part of VF, therefore, we must follow the VF rules.

» Absolutely NO drama. This cult will remain drama free. If you have having issues with another member, feel free to let XDeadlyImperfectionX know.

» Do not double post or spam threads. There is an edit button, please use it. If you accidentally double post, just edit a post saying to delete it.

» Please keep OOC chats to a minimum in RP threads. If you have something to say, edit your RP posts or take your chatting to a chat thread or your inbox.

» All RP posts must be at least 5 sentences long. This is only a minimum and I expect more.

» This cult may contain mature content. There is no age requirement, but if you cannot handle it, leave.

» Do not god-mod. No character is god-like.

» Do not kill off any characters without permission from the owner of the character.

» If the person you are RPing with does not like where the RP is going, you must stop.

»If you join this cult, you are expected to stay active.

» Please don't barge into another RP, it's a bit rude. Ask if you can join so they can accommodate you.

» Don't post your own threads. If you want to see a thread post in the Thread Suggestions. This is simply to keep the threads nice and neat. We are more then happy to start any kinda of discussion you'd like to have just let the staff post it.
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