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Created on: February 16, 2009

Welcome Texans

This cult is for Texans! It was established in hopes of creating a place for locals to chat and openly discuss a various range of subjects including music, movies, tv shows, local events and happiness, meeting places, favorite place, such as restaurants, museums, cities, festivals, night clubs, parks as well as individual lifestyles. This cult is for laid back individuals of any age that are open minded, friendly and that love the great state of Texas. So if you're Texan and looking for a place to call home in VF, then join us today and begin meeting new and interesting people that live near you!
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Link 1: http://http://www.texasmusicguide.com/
Link 2: http://texasmetalunderground.com/
Link 3: http://www.dallasgoth.com
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