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Created on: March 29, 2012

VF Street Team Description
Welcome to the VampireFreaks Street Team.
We are the main promotional team in NYC for VampireFreaks and VampireFreaks Events. As a VF Street Team member, you will meet new and interesting people out at clubs, concerts and events, pass out flyers & promote vampirefreaks events online via social networking.

As a VF Street Team member and in exchange for your services, you will receive special VIP treatment that is only available to our promoters.

- FREE Premium Membership on VampireFreaks.com
- 30% off anything on the VampireFreaks Store website! (Excludes Footware & Jewelry)
- FREE entry into CYBERTRON & VampireFreaks Events!
- FREE entry into Clubs / Shows & Concerts promoted by & affiliated with VampireFreaks! (Available upon request)

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