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Created on: October 18, 2013

Welcome Message

This is a place for members of VF who are looking to improve their lives and don't know where to start; or just want to find like minded people who aren't always pessimistic.

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We have games, discussions, goal tracking threads, advice, tips and daily tasks to help you become the best you can be!

We are motivation, inspiration, and dedication but we are honest and will not bullshit you.


001- Be respectful of everyone.
002- Don't bring drama in here or take your bad mood out on other members.
003- Be honest and learn to take honesty.
004- No name calling - seriously.
005- No constant negativity, it brings the whole cult down.
006- Don't talk about other people's issues outside of the cult.
007- Please keep your advice seeking/rants to two threads.
008- No crowdfunding links, advertising or asking people for money, likes, props, etc.



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“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” — William James



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