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Created on: June 24, 2017

Welcome To New York

When you think about New York City, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? Is it the fact that it never sleeps or the bright lights surrounding you? Is it Wallstreet, money, power or fame? Maybe itís the attraction to art, music, or Broadway? Regardless of what comes to mind it all boils down to this: New York is all that is good with life and living it, it has an aesthetic about it you canít get anywhere else. These days itís a melting pot of good and evil, attracting all sorts of people to its ďrebirthĒ, as they call it. Thatís an odd phrase to use isnít it? Some people say itís where the end of the world has started. Others say itís where the new world has started. Then there are those that say itís the home of a revolution. It all started when the Devil took a vacation again. Again, because itís not the first time heís been to mortal realm and it certainly wonít be the last. This time was different though, he stirred the pot a little too much; he wanted attention and he wanted the world to know who he was. It was a few little things here and there, messing around and then it turned into big things, plans and acts of war against God. It went from a simple time of wanting to mess around and have some fun, to him wanting to take things over and have power back to his name in full force. Word spreads around fast in the supernatural world and species and fractions were starting to pick side, meanwhile New York was ground zero. The human race was bombarded with the existence of the supernatural as odd and unexplainable things started to happen, as supernatural creatures came out of hiding or out from behind their public masks to show who they really were and what they were capable of. There was no such thing as playing fair anymore. The world kept itself in its usual order, with new things spinning new webs or making the ones they had already spun stronger. The world isnít just about humans anymore. As things changed, for the better or for the worst, armies started to gather in secret to drive each other out of the mortal realm, each for their own reasons. Itís been said that even some Gods themselves have joined around or against this fallen angel and his chaotic cause. You may sit here and wonder where your god is during all of this, if you donít follow the old gods that is. Has he abandoned you for this revolution like world? Fear not, he hasnít. Hidden amongst all of this chaos there is a man who is sweet, caring, loving and without a voice, who has come to put his Ďsoní back into his place in hell. You may not quite spot him out of a crowd, he isnít someone who will stand out to you during all of this, but he is there and he is watching you and watching all of this unfold while his army gathers for war. So, where will you stand in the midst of all of this? What is your place in a war between good and evil or chaos and control?

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