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Created on: April 30, 2017

Welcome to Paris

Paris is full of power, full of important people, full of powerful people. Paris is a city full of such a different kind of people, lovers, enemies, people who feed off of others emotions, energies. Paris is a city of love, a city of passion, a city of fashion, a city of business, a city of opportunity. Paris is a city where the Devil and God walk among the people with their armies. Why are you here? You are here because you are drawn to this place just like everyone else, the power, the love, the drive for everyone. When you come here you know the moment you step foot into the city that you are welcomed, and you have that opportunity to soar. Paris is run by the powerful importance. Important people are important for a reason, whether it is the way the contribute to the city, or the job they do. Are you important? Do you feel like you belong here? Perhaps Paris is for you, but under all of the beautiful exterior, there is a rough evil scary interior. How will you do here? Will you sink or will you swim? You see that is not up to the evil or the important that roam around here, that is completely up to you. Sink or Swim. Will you follow the crowd, or will you follow your own beat? Do you side with God or the Devil? Or do you march to the beat of your own drum?


The Unholy Alliance

The Heavenly Alliance

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