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Created on: November 09, 2009


Welcome to Supernatural_! We are a cult that combines everything you love about the Supernatural television show with a fun roleplaying experience. In this cult you will meet friendly people who enjoy Supernatural and love to role-play. In this cult we do follow the canon of the show, meaning that we follow the events that happened in the series, up until the end of Season 5 with a little twist, if you are new to Supernatural or you aren't quite that far in the series, never fear because we are more than willing to help you understand and a short description of the road so far can be seen below. We do have "Cult Seasons" which serve as the main storyline of the cult; however, we want to offer our members flexibility and like most cults, it is not required to get involved in the cult season that is currently running, but we do strongly encourage our members to get involved in the season because it can honestly be an amazingly fun time. If you do chose to join in on the main plot, don't worry about not knowing where you fit. We love to give all members a chance to participate and help plan the season. We also provide a fun Points Battle System! Since this cult is all about Supernatural and the fight between Heaven and Hell, we have created an out of character points system for the two sides to fight each other. When you join the cult, you decide which side you want to be on and you can earn points by doing things as simple as inviting or posting. So who will you help to win the war? Team Heaven or Team Hell? Please Join Supernatural_ for a unique and fun experience. We are always looking for new, active members with a fresh sense of creativity as well as people to help push our cult to it's best. We offer many things such as games, discussions, roleplaying, and much more! There is no way you can imitate the experience that you will receive here at Supernatural_, and believe us we are often imitated, never duplicated, we're the real experience so don't hesitate!

On November 2, 1983 Sam and Dean Winchester's mother was killed and their house burnt to the ground in a hideous fire. A plot was conceived by the yellow-eyed demon years before hand, while he was collecting children to make into human psychics. Sam and Dean followed their dad around, catching things, hunting things until they grew up. Sam split from the family and went to college while Dean kept up the family business with his father until one fateful night, Dean visited Sam and informed him that their dad had gone missing. The road has been long and hard on the Winchester Brothers, constantly trying to fight through the hardships of family, love, and friendship, but they made it up until now. They've lost the father and many people close to them all in an attempt to stop Lucifer from rising and prevent the apocalypse from happening. Even on the brink of a battle between the archangels, Michael and Lucifer, the brothers pulled through it that fateful night at Stull Cemetery. Sam said yes to Lucifer, which allowed Lucifer to possess him in an attempt to drag Lucifer back to the cage; however, Sam was not strong enough and Lucifer won out. Lucifer possessing Sam and Michael possessing Adam Milligan showed up at Stull Cemetery to battle it out and finally find out who is top dog of the archangels. Before the battle could begin Dean appeared and while things got messy, he ultimately managed to pull Sam out of it and the "chosen one" managed to drag Lucifer back to his cage in hell along with Adam and Michael, who grabbed on at the last minute. Now Sam is locked in Lucifer's cage with the two archangels and his half-brother, Adam. The world seems to be at peace for now, asides from the supernatural creatures running amuck. Dean has retired to living the "normal" life that he promised Sam and the angels seem to be dealing with their own issues in Heaven. However, this peace can't last forever as some of Lucifer's elite have begun moving, over the past year they have begun to work in secret and they have managed to keep it under the radar up until now. As the battle between Heaven and Hell starts to heat up again, where do your loyalties lay? Will you fight on the side of Heaven, trying your best to ensure that humans retain their free will and the world isn't destroyed by Lucifer and his cronies? Or perhaps you will side with Lucifer and his ilk, trying to destroy the world and the hairless apes so that the Earth can once again become a beautiful haven, the way it was originally? Only one thing is certain, this war is just getting started...

© Metus and ChemiCool


01 Respect All members of the cult.
02 16+ Cult.
03 Staff's word is law.
04 No god-modding.
05 PLEASE spellcheck.
06 Minimum of five lines.
07 All VF rules apply.
08 Stealing of any kind from this cult, will not be tolerated.

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