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Created on: March 03, 2014

Welcome to Hettieville...

Your readiness and willingness to marry is not taken into consideration, as marriage is not a choice but a law. Upon your 18th birthday, or arrival to this strange city you will be signed up to a register where esteemed individuals will pair you up with a suitable partner. You may choose to get divorced, but you will automatically be placed back in the system and remarried to someone else.

Disclaimer: We are not the original marriage role-play cult. This cult was made to bring back a cult that had died out and has since then been passed onto other people, during which the cult has become its own marriage cult.


Rules Overall

[1] Respect everyone here. You want some, give some. If you don't respect others, or listen to the staff, you won't receive any. If you continue to be disrespectful you will be removed from the cult.
[2] Don't judge others for how they role-play. We are here to role-play and to have fun, right?
[3] Post in the Singles Thread once your character is approved. If they are under eighteen, they won't be married.
[4] Use common sense. If something doesn't make sense, you can inbox the owner and ask for help. Don't assume something you're unsure of and, if you make a mistake and it's brought to your attention, don't argue with the staff.
Rules for Role-Playing
[1] You will start out with four characters. Once you have reached two-hundred posts you will gain a fifth. After this all additional characters need to be purchased with rings.
[2] Your character doesn't have to be married if they under eighteen. Eighteen and above, we got a present for ya!
[3] Respect your role-play partner. Don't force yourself on them. If they don't want your sexy self, go find someone who wants it.
[4] No God-modding. We all have brains. We aren't robots.
[5] Please once you begin role-playing, place where they are in the Role-Play Tracker thread. Everyone must do this.
[6} Your character can be as many threads as you can handle. Four is the max.
[7] Only one role-play is allowed in a thread at a time. If you are unsure what threads are currently open, check the Role-Play Tracker thread. If a thread hasn't been posted in a month, ask those already in the thread if you can post there before starting a role-play.


11/3/15 - Posting contest begins
11/3/15 - Invite contest begins

10/4/15 - Posting contest begins
10/4/15 - Invite contest begins

9/4/15 - Posting contest begins
9/4/15 - Funniest Face contest begins
9/4/15 - Best With Glasses contest begins

8/26/15 - Cutest Smile voting begins
8/26/15 - Best In Red voting begins
8/15/15 - Invite contest begins
8/15/15 - Cutest Smile contest begins
8/15/15 - Best In Red contest begins
8/7/15 - New layout in courtesy of lil_miss_rain_dance
8/4/15 - New marriage has been posted


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