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Created on: December 26, 2015

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Taking place in 19th Century Italy, the country has been unified and former king of Sardinia, Vittorio Emanuele II has assumed the title of King of Italy for the first time since the 6th Century.

While the country seemed to flourish under the Unification, King Vittorio, who has often been described as a paranoid tyrant, begins the extermination of any and all immortal and supernatural beings in secrecy as not to alarm common folk of their existence. While immortals and supernatural beings have spent most of their lively-hood in hiding or keeping what they are a secret from humans and even other immortals as a means of safety, some of which have begun to fight back from the shadows, killing off members of the Italian Monarchy as well as commoners.

On the verge of another war breaking out, the Italian Monarchy seem to have secrets of their own, as well and not everyone is who they appear to be on the outside. With the King's forces working in secret to exterminate all traces of supernatural beings, it seems they have stirred the interested of an opposing interest. Under the guise of politics, the Italian people have been infiltrated by a foreign enemy called the Imperial Demon Army, an organisation that seek the fall of the Savoia family and all those who oppose supernatural beings. At this moment in time, it is unsure which side is in the best interest of all beings, mortal or otherwise.

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