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Created on: October 13, 2014

RolePlay Hotline

Welcome to the Emergency Room

This cult was created to give a place for roleplayers to come together and have somewhere to collect where rules are few and the creativity is in abundance. Styled for a free for all realm of your own creation, there are also graphics, teachers willing to help improve you as a writer, and discussions for you to take part in with your fellow writers who understand you like others can't.

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Cult Rules

Terms of Service

001. All VF rules apply.
002. This is a cult for 16+ roleplayers because of the content.
003. Don't bring anything outside the cult in. If it didn't happen here don't bring it here.
004. Respect each other. We don't need petty people here nor do we want them.
005. There is no limit to how many threads you can be in but please do not take in more then you can handle.
006. Listen to staff as they will not ask you to cut an arm off. Have a problem with one of them? Come to the owner.
007. Do not rush people for responses as we all have lives. This means "bumping" a thread is not allowed.
008. Red Light District is for the mature roleplays and are for 18+ only. Anyone caught in there without the correct ut to be there will get one strike. No questions asked and your comments or thread will be deleted.

Rescue Team

The Emergency Squad

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