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Created on: April 05, 2010

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Long ago there was an organization dedicated to maintaining peace and harmony. It was international, with branches of the organization operating in different parts of the world. All was well for about thirty years...
However, conflicts began to arise. Different regions began forming their own ideas that contradicted one another. Some were for peace, while others found no point in trying. Individual fights broke out, and it was finally decided that the organization would be split into two separate halves: Devour and Montepellier.
Since it was such a large organization with hundreds of thousands of members, people from each side passed down the ideas of the side they belonged to. That is how the two halves were able to make it into modern times .
Though the fighting has settled down, there is still strong animosity between the two sides. Which side will you join?

About Devour and Montepellier

Devour, the kingdom of all that are good, is a happy, bright place to be. This kingdom is almost always kind and you can count on the people for practically everything. Don't trust too easily, however. That's never good.

Montepellier, the kingdom of all that are evil, is a dark, distraught place. It is not only known as a place of despair and sadness, but also as a place of hope. Don't let the people fool you. They can be very kind when they want to be.

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