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Created on: March 26, 2016

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There are roughly 7.046 billion people inhabiting the world and an estimated 361,481 babies born every day, whilst each person is unique in their appearance and personality human beings in general are considered to be equal. There are those that stand out from time to time; a child genius, musical prodigy or someone who has gone above and beyond in a specific field they specialize in – people who study and work hard to achieve such recognition from their fellow peers. Aside from those abnormalities it would be difficult to imagine mankind as anything other than what it is, a species that simply exists.

In truth there are those that are born with gifts that would be classed as "supernatural" by normal folk and far beyond their understanding. It was this very lack of understanding that allowed one man to breed hatred against those that were gifted, by manipulating the public's misguided fear that had clouded their judgement and by influencing the media to not only amplify their terror but to also declare war against “a race that would undoubtedly seek to destroy society as we know it and enslave ordinary citizens whilst poisoning the world with their evil."

Kaureden Vogor is the founder and CEO of Atlas, the largest and most powerful private military corporation in the world, and whilst initially they began by investing within the weapon industry they were quick to branch out into the field of science. In the beginning those that were gifted went into hiding once they realised that resisting only made their public image worse despite the fact that they were trying to prove they weren't the evil monsters they had been painted out to be.

Kaureden himself had neglected to mention to the general public that everything was a front, behind closed doors his army of scientists had been working tireless on creating a serum that turned ordinary Atlas Agents into something superhuman. The secret? Put it this way no one really notices when a gifted individual goes missing and once Rebellion members caught wind of that they came out of hiding to declare all-out war. The question is what side will you support or will you simply be a civilian caught in the crossfire?





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