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Created on: July 09, 2007

Welcome to Paranormal

Here at Paranormal we do not only discuss the Paranormal but also unexplained mysteries, occult subjects and many more. Anything to do with the unnatural-natural is welcome!

In this cult we respect other's opinions and beliefs. A lot of people experience the paranormal but are afraid to talk about it for fear that people will reject them or think that they are completely mad or imagining things.

There are a lot of questions asked that goes unanswered. Here we can try to put the puzzle pieces together and try to shed light on the matter. Even if its just a matter of studying the paranormal or unexplained mysteries the message may be "transmitted" across and better understanding gained.

The varying subjects discussed and covered here are all suggested to be taken with a grain of salt. A healthy dose of skepticism never hurt anyone. All sources of information, regardless of how "reputable" they may or may not be, are always subject to debate. With this being the case, we ask you keep an open mind while reading and responding.

Please read: The History, Beginning and functioning of Paranormal

This cult was created on: July 09, 2007.


- Please tell us who you are in Introductions.


- Respect VF Terms of Service/Rules.
- Respect other members and their beliefs. This would mean the following:
- NO calling another member: a liar, stupid or anything else insulting! Doing this will result in being banned, deleted and made an example of. This includes staff and members alike.
- DO NOT make this cult your personal playground / battlefield. Doing so will result in being banned. Debates are welcome but keep it clean. DO NOT make this cult unpleasant for others!
- Please make things personal in private. If you have an issue with another member then address them and do what you will in private, their comments or their inbox.
- Take criticism as a lesson to learn. There are many ways to put this across ... please do it in a manner that is within the boundaries of the rules.
- Supply PROOF and FACTS if you have a disagreement with another member. If you don't supply proof then you have no solid foundation to stand on when told you are incorrect. A statement stands until proven wrong.
- DO NOT ask/tell anyone in this cult to inbox or message you if they would like to know more about a certain topic. The point of having this cult is to discuss the subject here for everyone. Doing this will result in your post being deleted without warning and the second time will get you banned.

Members of similar cults:

- If you belong to a similar cult and somehow manage to steal our threads, steal our layout, steal our ideas. You will then be made an example of, banned, deleted and reported.
- No cult whoring is allowed!
- NO advertising of any cults allowed! If you post anything advertising your cult or if you try to start a new thread doing this, IT WILL BE DELETED. The point of having this cult is to discuss paranormal or related topics IN THIS CULT.
Advertising your cult via your signature is fine, please be considerate when doing so, we don't like huge signatures.
(Apologies, signatures have been disabled for now).
The only other way of advertising your cult here is if you affiliate with Paranormal.


- DO NOT give suggest, advise nor post threads which includes speaking to or summoning demons or other entities of a similar kind in any way. You WILL be reported as being a hazard, deleted and banned without prior notice and members will be mass-notified not to take your advice.

- All threads must be approved by a staff member first. Please check your spelling and grammar before you submit your thread. Also check to see if we don't already have the thread you want to create or one that is very similar.

- When you submit a thread other than a Help/Advice thread, be sure to reference the thread if you have copied any information from another website/webpage or book by adding a link or page address. Your thread will be rejected if you fail to do so.


- If anyone wishes to create a banner for the cult you are welcome to. Please post your banner in the Banners (Submission) thread, your banner will be accepted on conditions that it is suitable for the cult.


- When you join our cult you are agreeing to our rules and guidelines. Please remember that. Not following them gives any staff member the right to delete/ban you without prior notice.

- Some of the information provided in this cult is sourced. We advise all members who decide to follow, try, apply and use this information to do so AT THEIR OWN RISK! Should anything happen Vampirefreaks.com and this Paranormal Cult will not be held liable and that the member understands and accepts this on joining.

Repeat offenders will be banned. If these simple rules were too hard to follow, you should not have joined. These rules are also subject to change, addition, or subtraction at any time, without warning. This is normally only done with new uncouth, untoward trends which crop up from time to time. Please be sure to double check the rules periodically, to make sure you aren't violating our reasonable policies.







If you would like to join our staff, please refer to the Staff Application thread for our requirements.


May 2, 2014
More banners and a new icon have been added to the growing selection! zBrowse around and check 'em out.

Thread Index

The following listing of links will send you to full listings of all the threads contained in the associated subforum you select. As the number of topics grows, some of the older threads do disappear from the main page of the cult. this, however, does not mean the are gone. They are simply buried. the links below will exhume them for you, making it far easier to utilize our ever growing archives of information.

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Cult Icons

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Cult Banners

If anyone wishes to create a banner or icon for Paranormal please refer to the Banners thread. You can also view member created banners and icons there.

Please note: some banners may be larger than they appear.

Traditional Invites

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This layout created by Kalinar-rae for use on the cult Paranormal.

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