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Created on: December 06, 2014

Welcome to Lunarium.

A town in the heart of America. The first town to openly accept Vampires and Werewolves to live amongst humans. The two species are free to live how they want within safe laws put in to make sure all species live in harmony. For vampires; there are blood banks that are free of charge and registered human donors. For werewolves; there are shifting grounds, so they can shift with peace of mind.

However, when you finally make home in Lunarium, you can never leave again. The town is infamously hard to move away from. Once you enter, it feels as if all escape routes are suddenly closed up again, not that you ever really want to look for them. Unless the town wants you to leave, you will never get out.

In the shadows, rising to challenge the council are the Hunters. An underground society set to try and break up the laws of the city and rid the world of the vampires and the werewolves. Every hunter has their own reasoning for why they want the species gone.

The hunters may think they will one day wipe out the Werewolves and Vampires, but from the hidden corners of every day life comes the new hidden species. Seeing the vampires and werewolves live so freely, slowly they are making themselves known to the world. One by one, new species are making their way to Lunarium to call it a home for themselves.

Lunarium’s laws are a bit different from most of America. At the age of eighteen, you are put on the marriage list, you are married off to random stranger at any time of your life. Don’t think you are going to end up with your childhood sweetheart. Human’s are typically married off to the vampires and werewolves. Lunarium is an experiment. It’s a chance to see if humans, vampires and werewolves can all live together and create the ideal domestic life. All marriages are monitored by the council in charge and divorces are famously hard to come by. The council is fair at times. Once divorced, you are free to live the single life without worry for the rest of your life.

How will you fare in this species paradise? Let yourself grow to love your new spouse no matter what species or try to help the Hunters free the city of these laws?

Credit to Miseria for the use of arranged marriages within the plot

The Council

The Laws

1 - Contact staff with questions, comments or issues.
2 - Try to have good grammar/spelling. Text talk is allowed only in IC and OCC chats.
3 - Three sentence rule!
4 - No god-modding
5 - Do not double post.
6 - You need to stay active. Inactive members who have not provided us with a reason will be deleted.
7 - Graphic sex? Torture scene? It's allowed, but only if both role players are comfortable with it. If asked to stop, you stop!
8 - This is a mature cult. If you can't handle it or will be immature, leave.
9 - Please try not to use Anime, cartoons or own image for characters.
10 - Use the Roleplay Request thread to find roleplay partners, do not interrupt an already in-progress roleplay.
Upon breaking any of these rules more than three times, you may be deleted from the cult under the discretion of Staff.

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