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Created on: January 03, 2010



...and welcome to the slave town of Lavaliere. I am the auctioneer master, Lestor Black. You'll notice the cars on the road and the planes in the sky but don't be fooled, this is no ordinary town. While modern on the surface, under its skin Lavaliere clings to the old traditions, where the wealthy purchase the laborour and not the labour.

Not all is as it seems. I have sold hundreds of slaves of all kinds and species. Some have worked their way up through the ranks until they can purchase slaves of their own while others remain content in serving their masters. Rebel or obey, it is your choice.

The masters and mistresses of Lavaliere will have their own agendas, their own reasons for purchasing the less fortunate. Pray that your master's agenda doesn't put too much of a thorn in your side..."

Unlike some other cults, we do not discriminate between members and staff when it comes to roleplay. We all follow the same rules. After a certain amount of activity, everyone has the opportunity to create a master and run a household.

Move into this unique town by answering the short application that appears when you hit the join button. We don't demand perfection, that's for the elitists. All we need to know is that you are over the age of sixteen and can write in grammatically correct English. If you're up to that, you're plenty good enough to be here. Don't worry if English is not your first language or if you're brand new to roleplaying, just let us know in the application. We will not exclude you for either of these reasons.

You will need to give us an example roleplaying post in your application, just follow the simple instructions. Blank applications and apps without an example will be auto-rejected.



Clicking the icon will take you the the roleplayer

(Masters, if you want a character of your own or someone else's to become a subnoble, message a staff member.)


Clicking the icon will take you the the roleplayer

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