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Created on: November 09, 2012

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Inspiration is a design cult like any other, and we are true to our word. We have a friendly environment and a helpful staff team to help give you much needed inspiration. We care about what our members think and want. We provide a multitude of premade graphics and layouts and helpful tutorials. Did I mention all requests are 100% free? We are much more than your ordinary design cult, though. With a large variety of activities, discussions, and games, we promise you we'll try our best to keep you satisfied and entertained.


Disobeying these rules more than twice will result in you being suspended or banned.
All VF TOS apply in this cult.
· Respect everyone as an equal.
· Absolutely no drama or trolling.
· Be sure to read all thread and subforum rules before posting in them.
· Do not steal anything from us.
· Do not spam or double post.









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