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Created on: April 24, 2017

Welcome to Hogwarts

To our newcomers, welcome! To our old hands, welcome back to another year at Hogwarts!

Before you all go off to gain your houses points, and make your Head of Houses proud. The Prefects, have asked me, for what they say is the four-hundred-and-sixty-second time, to ask those of you that are new to post in the Sorting Hat thread immediately. More details are offered via inbox upon sorting. Please do so.

Your House Cults, will be like your family for the next term. So, please, be courteous with your peers, and enjoy the fun and excitement of being part of Hogwarts! There's lots to keep you busy!

So without ado, let me begin you with a few words: Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!

~ Headmistress V


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