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Created on: June 26, 2014

Welcome to Hawaii

This is Hawaii's Finest

Sun. Surf. Tanned bodies. What more could be better than the paradise islands of Hawaii? Bringing in tourists from all around the world it seems that the islands are the perfect getaway places for the perfect vacation. However, to the native eye, Hawaii is more than just a dream holiday. There are many scandals buried within the sands that many start to uncover during their stay on the islands; crime is a brutal force that has increased over the years, in particular with the arrival of two new gangs to the islands: The Yakuza and MS-13. New crime syndicates are popping up here and there, dead bodies are being uncovered in multiple areas, the sale of drugs is on the rise, and human trafficking has become a casual trade among those dastardly enough to devalue life. Turf wars have started, especially between the foreign arrivals and the native crews. Innocent lives are getting caught in the cross-fire, and what was once a peaceful retreat has turned into an urban fight for survival. Money makes the world go round. The gangs know this, and they will do anything to get their hands on it, for with money comes power. And that is every man's dream. In an attempt to curb this rise in crime, various law enforcement agencies have joined together to fight for a fading justice. Special task forces have been formed to try and put an end to the bloodbaths that paint the golden shores. As a citizen coming into Hawaii, it is up to you as to what side you decide to join. Will you join the darkness in a quest for power and control? Or will you fight against those who wish to bring the islands to cinders? Or will you simply go about your everyday life in an attempt to forget about the violence in the world? The choice is yours.

Hawaii's Laws

All of the Vampirefreaks rules apply
Treat everyone with respect
No outside drama
Please do not create your own threads
Hawaii's Finest is a modern day, human only role play cult
Please use proper spelling and grammar
Posts are to be written in third person
Swearing and sexual related role playing is allowed but please keep it tasteful
God-Modding is not allowed
Your character can be in a maximum of three threads at once
OOC should be kept to a minimum in RP threads


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