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Created on: January 05, 2014


Welcome to Gotham City, Where the freaks don't just come out at night!!! There's a war going on between the Joker and the Batman. Robberies, murders and explosions are going on all over the place. Will you cause the distruction or help stop it. The choice is yours.


  • All Vf Rules Applyj
  • No Double Postingo
  • Staff Word is Law (Staff do not take advantage of this)k
  • Members are allowed four Characters to start Staff are allowed 8 (Any additional acharacters will be gained at every 200 posts till you reach 3,000 posts then you have unlimited)
  • I would prefer you used real people (If you cannot find a real person Inbow me or the co owner and we will try to find one for you if that fails then you may use a none real picture)e
  • Three strikes in a week and you are out (You will only be warned twice it doesn't even need to be about the same thing if any staff has to ask you not to do something or do something twice and you do something else wrong you will be banned)
  • And Finally Have fun!r
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