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Created on: June 10, 2006


This cult is for all the people of Georgia to make new friends and find new loves or what ever you want. We will post events and more.....If you have any issues please inbox the owners!

Please invite members to help our cult grow. Please be/get active so that we may show people how awesome our cult can be.


1. Drama doesn't belong here. Take it else where.

2. Your first post WILL be in the introduction thread.

3. You get 3 warnings then your OUT! Or if its way outta line AUTOMATIC BAN! 1. Do not whine.

4. Do not be a dumb ass. (I'm fairly sure we all know what many forms a dumb ass can take because I'm sure all of us, at one time or another has been married to one, befriended one, or bailed one out of jail. that being said most people should recognize if they themselves have awoken on the "dumb ass " side of the bed and be able to correct the problem before they get here.)[this has been a public service announcement for dumb asses everywhere, (author included at some time or another) Do not misuse product, if contact with eyes occurs, call a doctor and tell him your a dumb ass, he'll know just what to do.]

5. If you get booted because of rule #4 see rule #3 on your way out. better yet, do us all a favor and don't be a dumb ass to begin with.

6. Please keep posts in the designated areas, (the cults posts are basically for info and if you want to chatter then go to the GENERAL CHAT.)

Owner – x_ Starr_x
Co-Owner - Nabrendel
Root – Darthleo
Root – Cat_Swan
Root – Boogerburns
Admin – Q-bert
Mod - Metrocarrecluse
Mod – Adam_Of_The_Damned


-January-VampireLiebchen January 1stWriter Bitch Rainbows January 7th-Tears_Of_Corrosion- January 10thRainbowGirlAli January 14thSweetblood_118 January 18thacrylicskies January 19thbrianna_blood January 22ndKogasan January 22ndAll_you_Need_Is_Love January 29thinfexxious January 29thOpaque_Divinity January 29thAerimyth January 31st
-Febuary-LordSin February 1stSlave_of_Darkness February 5thXx_razor_heart_xX February 8thLonewolf2011 February 10thTaintedTears February 13thLichFox February 16thVampirestrom February 16thNeferet February 17thxxkae-foresterxx February 18thMisakiYukiLover February 21stscene_little_emo February 23rdaliceINtrance February 23rdEmiko712 February 27th
-March-drinklithium March 4thX_starr_x March 7thnice3792 March 7thnikkibubblemint March 19th_ALONEInthedark_ March 23rdcarlisle March 25thclarithiastarfire86 March 30th
-April-EXILEDinATL April 6th dollfacekat April 11thNegativeBabylon April 13thrainiemike92 April 21sthellscaretaker17 April 22ndgodofwaristhesex April 25thNephlim April 28thdontcallmee April 11th
-May-Q-Bert May 1stNabrendel May 1stfille_zombi May 2ndphysical_ May 5thInternal_Suffering May 6thEmOJebuS May 7thomg_its_haven May 10thShelly_de_Spukee May 13thredinkbutterfly May 17th electricxtripp May 18thHanayori May 20thMikesThatGuyy May 22nddawn_breaking_tide May 24thgreendayvampire May 28thBrightness_Darkness May 31stMoonlit_Dreamer May 31st
-June-adeline69xx June 3rdxXxAngelic_ScarsxXx June 7thfaded_roses June 12thinsnrckrchk June 16thMetalchick101 June 18thTr4sh3dSk4nk June 19thPSIskull June 21stxixbitex June 21stSilentDeath/markj June 22ndLady_Sara June 23rdGabriellaGazzette June 24thdarienvengeance June 29thdismal-crayon June 29thCat_Swan June 30th
-July-omega666666 July 1stToastie7 July 7thKavie July 16thTeenage_Lobotomy July 17thneuroticCarcass July 17thKingPointdexter July 18thBlissFull_JinX July 19thBehind_These_Eyes July 19thaxel503 July 24thOH_Loliver July 24thShaman_Flame July 25thzetsubou81 July 25thVampiresXaddiction July 26thHaiLinsai July 26thVampireBorn July 27thDeadPoet64 July 28thLosingground July 28thEvery1sfallinangel July 30th ZombieMom13 July 30thFallenAngel25 July 31st
-August-Nepenthe August 1stcylvr August 6thboogerburns August 8thdj-ghost August 8thUngodlyAngel August 8thDarthLeo August 10th Clueless August 11thXangelicXdemonX August 11thMurderdollie August 23rdkaari August 24thvampirean_princess90 August 29thariel_darling August 30thXxLithiumFlowerxX August 31st
-September-moonlightkill September 4thSirVlad September 16th_Rabbit_ September 19thBattlekyle September 25thIconWhore September 29th
-October-ThatFcukedupguy October 1stIndustrial_Waste October 11thscargrrl October 15thSweet_Nitemare October 15thChaotik_Saint October 20thNO_MORE_LIES October 25thTheCaptain__x October 25thMissHavokk October 26thRageTheWolf October 27th
-November-bloodlustkult November 1stdsltnspdr November 4thTheNoLifeKing21 November 4thSceneQueenScream November 16thKeriKalamity November 17thJoeyStYxX666 November 22ndmsrymns243 November 23rd KreepyKute LipService_X November 27th Evenaxvampiress November 29th Microwaveable_Kitty November 29thJoker_69 November 30th
-December-j_jealousy December 6thcallmekittyorerica December 11thRevinka December 15thXxSkiTz0freNikaxX December 15thlUnderthemoonl December 17thJoeVonZombie December 18thNacht_der_untoten December 20thOhDakotaMarie December 22nd Su1c1deK1ng December 25th legendaryvampgb December 26thJayroJuggalo December 27th
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