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Created on: September 15, 2009


Welcome to Florida
We are a cult for Florida residents.
Join this cult and you will be able to find (or advertise) local events, people in your area, and even buy/sell things.

We are currently dramatically overhauling this whole stupid thing to make it not a stupid thing, please post whatever the hell you please and make some friends xox


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Contest Winners

Cutest pic with pet
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Featured Events

Spintoberfest 2- At Luna Lounge in Ybor City, upstairs from Carmine's on Oct. 26th 5PM-3AM 18+ $10presale & $15 at the door. Lineup includes: AK1200, Dj Royall, DBP (Dirty Brown Productions), Aphrodite, Dieselboy and many many more! Click here for more info HERE


Check out the New Facebook Page for this Cult! Official Florida Facebook
The Castle Tampa's Gothic Nightclub http://www.castleybor.com/

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