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Created on: October 09, 2011

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Ethereal is a literate, semi-realistic role-play set in a world similar
to our own, but with species never before seen by the likes of
man and magic beyond mortal comprehension!

Dare you join us on our adventure?

Ethereal information and storyline © Wolfsong 2011 - 2015
Characters and images copyright to their respective owners


Legend has it that Ambrosial Island was the first piece of land ever created by the Gods. It is inhabited by many creatures, ranging from wolves and tigers to mythical beasts, such as shape shifters, dragons, and vampires. Few humans have ever set foot on this Eden and it remains untainted by pollutants and various diseases. But the act of mixed breeding has begun to upset the balance. The offspring of crossbreed couples have been shunned by the immediate Ambrosial Pack. They are considered to be weak and stupid, but after centuries of unjust treatment, they have banded together and become known as the Cur Pack. These groups of pure and mixed bloods are constantly at war with one another, even with the presence of an outside threat lurking in the shadows. The question is, who will survive? And where do your loyalties lie?


001. Follow the initial posting order.
002. Familiarize yourself with all of the vital information.
003. We have a zero tolerance policy for drama. Three strikes and you're out.
004. Everyone is to be treated with respect, especially those who outrank you.
005. All RP posts must be at least 10 sentences long with proper grammar/spelling.
006. God-modding, auto-hitting, and any variations thereof are strictly forbidden.
007. All members start out with two characters. You must earn crystals to buy more.
008. Members are not allowed to post threads unless stated otherwise by staff.
009. Mature (sexual) RP is only allowed in designated threads.
010. If you have any questions or concerns, please visit the F.A.Q. thread.


While some regions on Ambrosial Island do not change with the seasons, most do.
Refer to this seasonal to stay up to date with the current RP weather conditions.

Temperature: Low - 5°F | High - 30°F

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