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Created on: August 10, 2011

Obligatory Welcome Message

Holy grammar, Batman! You've just found one of VF's longest-running free form roleplay cults! Despite opening way back in August of 2011, this ain't your grandma's roleplay cult.

We might be a whole lot smaller than we used to be, but we're still kicking asses and taking names like nobody's business. The army of possums in charge of this place have seen it all, every up and down, and we've managed to outlast it. Whether that's dedication or insanity, the jury is still out, but we think it says something either way. Censorship is not, nor has it ever been, our game. We just ain't about that life, son. Our rules are simple. If you follow them, you'll never have to meet the attack-turtle.

What are you waiting for? Join us! There's free candy! **
**free candy may be digital

The only cult on VampireFreaks to be certified fresh by Clyde the Possum!

Running the Asylum

Law of The Land

1) No Bad Grammar (or Snakes) on This Plane!
2) Check Your Ego.
3) 10 Sentences Per Post.
4) No Ditching Threads.
5) Sexual scenarios are 18+ only.

Owner: Ashlahrs
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Who Can Join: membership by approval
Who Can Post: posts are moderated
Who Can View: members only
Who Can Upload Pics: Moderators
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