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Created on: January 06, 2014

New Orleans, Louisiana, has always been the epicenter for fictional stories about the supernatural. From books and TV shows, to the legends of Voodoo Witch Doctors, and the Rougarou. It’s not a big surprise that when the Vampire Society made their first attack, that it was here, in this mystical place.

Sick of hiding in the shadows, instead of ruling over beings they thought were lesser, the Vampire Society arranged hundreds of attacks in every major city around the world. There was no way to cover it up, or deny it. Vampires were real, and now everyone knew it. The Society only made up a quarter of the population of Vampires, the rest did their best to do damages control. Including outing every other type of preternatural creature, trying to take the focus off of themselves.

Humanity reacted with violence, killing every single person they suspected of being in-human. Churches declared all Non-Humans evil, and unholy. It turned into a modern day holocaust, mixed with religious zealots, and witch hunts. It's estimated that two million people were killed in the five year rampage, thousands of those innocent humans mistaken by people blinded by hatred.

After five years of attempting to slaughter all that wasn't human, Americans finally had enough. In 2012 a bill was passed that declared Vampires, Weres, Fae, and the various other supernatural groups legal citizens with the same rights as humans.

The rest of the world has been much slower to adjust, many countries still holding true to the kill on sight law. The new rights in America has caused an influx of preternatural immigrants, fleeing prosecution. New Orleans has become a huge tourist attraction, now more than ever; people come to see Vampires and bump shoulders with different and dangerous things.

All the supernatural powerhouses have large territories in New Orleans; the struggle to maintain peace in this new day and age is always on going. The leaders of these groups have to work together, trying to keep the smaller groups in line, and keep the humans in the dark about their more... devious, blood thirsty nature...
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