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Created on: October 05, 2013

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At one point, when mortals ruled the world, creatures of different blood grew restless. As time passed and they watched their kin be slaves to humans they finally free tired of their submissive role. Deciding to roar up against the injustice, they slaughtered millions in a power struggle of fate. Once the final sword was laid down and the last scream filled the air, the creatures stood tall with victory as their badge. Taking over what once belonged to their captors, they decided to throw a grand gala in honor of their new future. There, they sold the remaining mortals off. Over time, once the humans were scarce, the creatures discovered they could sell their own. Soon, the most powerful masters created alias and formed an underground slave trade. To mask it, they threw a never ending gala just like the one after their victory. Yet, this one celebrated not a won battle but the power they now held over life and death itself. No one but the high masters are off limits. Everyone else? Are nothing more than prizes inside a collection.
However, as centuries past, a new threat has come along to the town as an invading kingdom has released all slaves leaving the masters and mistresses powerless. The three children of the last leaders took a stand to protect their way of life against the new invaders all to content with wiping them out of existence. All the while freshly freed slaved either stay by their old owners out of loyalty or struggled to find a new life for themselves.
War erupted inside the lands, destroying all inside of it's path as both sides crippled at each others feet and eventually the death toll became to high for it to continue. As a result, a strange happening occurred as the technology that had developed over the 300 year war.
To the northern grounds, humans built up a village and territory behind stone walls guarded by warriors who traded their guns for the art of the sword and the badges of honor of coat and arms brought to them. Knowing they needed to recover, they closed themselves from the war, surrendering with a bittersweet flavor left in their mouths as white flags filled the battlefields.
Off into the east, creatures of feathers bonded with one another, crowning a great Phoenix as their queen to rule over all. Full of wisdom and a hundred previous lives, the female had been inside the town from the very start when slaves bowed at her feet and galas filled her endless nights. With a kind heart, she guided over all of her flock before finally taking a husband to rule side by side with her equally. They took to the skies and to the jungles where they were safe to build up in numbers all the while as thet started becoming great warriors of the blue skies.
South and to the borders of the land rested the canines who quickly gathered a ranking order, their alpha's leading them off into the woods where they could not be traced and followed. It was this choice that allowed them to breed easily, foxes and hyena alike bowing their heads in respect to the wolves who used their cunning nature to make the towering trees home for not only themselves but their pack as well. Pups and strong family bonds both softened and hardened them but never once did they keep in mind that they were only as strong as their weakest link. Trained from their first summer to hunt and battle, it is nearly impossible to break their chains and come into their lands undetected. This gave them sanctuary within nature as they kept a close eye upon the flock just a few miles up in land from them.
Reaching all the way to the most distant lands in the west, felines of all species found themselves prowling side by side through the tall grasses of the Savannah. One hunt blended into another before a pride was gathered, each species of wild cat giving a special talent to the pride that took over the grasslands farthest from the humans and with the most open space. Guided by two powerful lions, they lead their people into an oasis of water and food to always be replenished with the seasons.
This was the way of life for nearly a hundred years before a sudden attack by those who considered themselves outsiders and rebels that rocked the foundations that had been planted. Knowing it was now time to defend what was their own, the three sectors of creatures began to arm their armies to keep each other at bay as now more and more land is wanted by each. Humans can only scramble to stay alive and wait out yet another war though they are trying to kill out anything that is not human in order to become top of the food chain as they were long ago before the slave trade had stolen the tittle from them. Lead by their royal family, they scout out to slaughter all they see though not without coming up against the rebels who are even more bloodthirsty then them.
Tired of being quite out in the wastelands, the rebels are finally erupting for revenge and only sending the young into battle another time will settle the turf war over far more then land but more upon the right to live.
No one is sure who can be trusted as spies fall into sectors and nothing seems to be as it was. Only one thing seems to remain the same: the most beautiful are the most cunning and one must watch their step before they find themselves dancing with the devil himself under the moonlight.

Laws of the Land

All VF rules apply.
This is a cult for 16+ roleplayers because of the content.
No drama that isn't rp related. If there is a problem contact a co-owner or the owner herself.
Respect each other. We don't need petty people here nor do we want them.
Don't bring anything outside the cult in. If it didn't happen here don't bring it here.
This following rule is simple do not play games, post up random threads, or comment on pictures of locations and the such until you have done the first two posts. Once you have, only then can you play games and it is still expected for you not to do the other two. It will result in an auto ban with no warnings.








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