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Created on: April 25, 2014


Did you miss me?
And with those four words, the world as we knew it shattered into a million tiny pieces. Charles Magnusson, the King of Blackmail- dead. Sherlock Holmes, the consulting detective- not dead. James Moriarty, the Napoleon of Crime- presumed dead.
Except he wasn't. James Moriarty was very much alive, and very much ready to burn someone's heart out. He's like a spider in the middle of a vast web of crime. Will you be a strand in that web, or nothing more than caught in it.
You control our fates, and we control yours. Join today, and may the best sociopath win.

The Laws

1. No God-modding.
2. No outside Drama.
3. VF ToS Apply.
4. Respect the Staff.
5. Post in the First Threads (Intro, Rules, Et Cetera) in the correct order.
Complete rules Found Here


  • 25/04- Cult created thanks to Haninozuka
  • 29/04- Layout up, thanks to Verona
  • 07/05- Cult opened
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    [Fifth Post] Usertitle
    05/02/2014 09:21pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    09/03/2014 06:49pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    [Sixth Post] Character Tags
    05/02/2014 09:25pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    09/03/2014 06:48pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    [Fourth Post] Face Claims
    05/01/2014 09:39pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    06/25/2014 05:55pm
    by night_dream
    [Third Post] Character Creation
    05/02/2014 09:00pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    06/25/2014 05:41pm
    by nudity
    [Second Post] Rules
    05/02/2014 12:32pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    06/19/2014 12:20am
    by LadyAmaranth
    [First Post]
    05/02/2014 12:22pm
    by SuperLockedWhovian
    06/18/2014 08:42pm
    by nudity
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