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Created on: June 25, 2017


3 • 1 • 2016 Training is in session. Prepare to get your asses handed to you. - Shiloh

Welcome to Headquarters

..What happened?....where am I? That is the first thing that comes to your mind when you wake up. The last thing you remember is having a needle plunged into your neck as things rapidly begin to blur and go dark. The man at the front desk clears his throat, directing your attention to him. "Welcome to your first day of hell," he says, a smirk slipping across his lips.
You've been inducted into the secret organization known as the E.A.O. where you will eat, sleep, and breathe training to become the perfect killing machines. Your goal is to work your way up and become an Elite Assassin. Be prepared to do weekly jobs and monthly missions where anything can happen! Will you make it to the top? Or leave in a body bag?

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