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Status: Updated my Profile. Take a look and tell me what you think. :)
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Sex: male
Age: 25
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: Single
Admires: unpardonablesin
Rating: 9.91
Rating points: 5687
Member since: August 24, 2011
Last logged in: June 24, 2017, 10:24am
Account Status: Model
Rated by: 574 people
Latest Journal Entry: Soul Eater   November 01, 2016, 05:57pm

The utopian visionary known as Xilmordas, real name Waldemar Crow, is an aspiring artist of digital creativity and a worshiper of everything dark, and macabre. You can never truly understand Him, for his mind is constantly wrapped around the mystery of the world, and are as fleeting as the cold, night wind in which his spirit travel. This, however, does not mean that he does not attempt to reach out to the human realm to inspire and benefit it and its denizens in the only way that He understands. Through art, beauty and purpose. His art and legacy surround many different genres and tastes, and his ways to express them is equally vast.

Sometimes, he finds pleasure in brutal forces of carnage that can be found in the metal genre.

Black/Death metal and satanic themes is a reminder to him that the human mind is forever locked in chaos, and that we are never truly pure no matter how much we try to show it.
Other times, he revels in the enchanting beauty of Goth, and firmly enjoys to create projects of wonder to strike the emotional hearts of his fans and followers.

This proves the sign that the great void can be more than just chaos & negativity.

The Victorian Goth style and the vampire mythology has always lied close to his vampiric heart, and he seeks to mirror it to an otherwise gauche, limited world... where people have lost their love for the mysterious & the unique.

Xil is experienced in certain video & photo softwares which enables him to create the projects which he desires.

He never had the ability to use his hands for painting, his voice for singing, or other "material expressions".

In this technological age in which we currently live, the means to express oneself digitally can also suffice.

photo Untitled-34.gif

Xil has been an introvert for many years of his life, but recent events have made him reach out to the world and its people.

During his birth, he suffered prolonged asphyxiation which damaged his brain to some extent.

A lot of suffering followed from these tragic events, but Xil have always been positively focused, and recently discovered the means to cure himself of the ills that had plagued him.

Free from his former burdens, he now seeks to try and establish himself and get out of his former nature, and meet new like-minded people.
He revels in social interaction and real-life conversation, and to do all manner of things with the people he harbor care for.

When his days lack the social exposure that his soul craves, he easily falls into depression, paranoia and scorn.

As if the scars upon his mind starts to glow red and bleed once more.

photo Untitled-32.gif

Being in the dark for so long, suffering solitude and difficulty was not all for naught.

With strain, comes experience, and he learned to never take things for granted, or to assume that all things are free.

Xil often reflect upon the world and its problems, and how people often jump to conclusions based on their instincts, emotions and frustration.

He believes that we must all do soul-searching and dare to venture into the great, wide dark of uncertainty today if we are to become better people tomorrow.

We must learn to think critically, and to be wise. Even during difficult times.

He hopes to be able to inspire others to feel the same.

photo Me02.gif

Xil do a lot of modeling, and video-making. His passion is to be creative, with a purpose.

He is a vegetarian, but never denies a sip of human blood every now and then.

Apart from practicing a very healthy diet, he also do workout to tune his body & mind.

Xil is single, and prefers to stay single.

Not because he does not believe in the beautiful concepts of love and relationships, but because he simply do not feel it calls to him.

Love comes, when it comes. In the meantime, he is perfectly happy to be free, even though he often enjoys to flirt and love without boundaries.

photo Untitled-30.gif

Xil is highly open-minded in a lot of things, and fairly easy to talk to even though he can be hard to reach at times.

He is a mixture between being complicated & simple. From time to time, he enjoys deep talking about life & philosophy, and other times he simply enjoys to live the life and be as simple & forth-going as possible.

He has various traits, that suits various people, at various times. As long as he is met with understanding and tolerance, one can never expect anything bad from his decisions.

photo TasteofMusic.gif

Xil is not a musician, but his dependence on music is severely intense. It is common to most people.

What is not as common are the broad tastes. He never employs a single set of tastes.

During some periods he prefers savage metal music such as Darkthrone, Behemoth, Shining, and alike.

Other periods he enjoys calm, classical music or atmospheric game-soundtracks.

Others include: Ebm/Industrial, spiritual/dark ambience, 80s goth, modern goth, goth metal.

You could also just ask him. ;)


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