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Status: I hate people who add you without even talking to you
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Sex: female
Age: 22
Location: New York, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: In a relationship
Rating: 9.98
Rating points: 1307
Member since: January 27, 2015
Last logged in: September 14, 2016, 09:31pm
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20 year old Queen of Sass, Via Vampyre. My favorite motto is to "keep it Creepy." I study fashion design in NYC as well as model part time. Fashion is my life there's nothing else I could ever imagine doing with my life. My biggest inspirations are Alexander McQueen, Betsy Johnson, Vivienne Westwood and Rudi Gernreich. I just love designers who are a bit eccentric and add an element of art to their designs. Ideally I'd like to design things that would end up in a museum after I die because they're not just clothes, they're wearable art. I love anything with leather, lace, studds and maybe a bit of vinyl or a sheer. I will not stop til I become the next big designer name.

My spirit animal is a cat....or a psychopath. They're really the same thing except one is just more socially acceptable. I love to curl up next to something burning hot and fall asleep. I only wake up to eat and get attention. I'll be as moody and temperamental as a cat, wanting your attention one minute and ignore you the next, but hey you like it ;] I'm also just the type of person who'll laugh at the most corny jokes one can think of. It's very easy to make me laugh or just smile. My friends say they almost never see me without a smile imprinted on my face. I'm a very affectionate person when I get close to someone. My friend described in the best way I have ever heard, "You're the friendliest, nicest person on earth to people you want to be friends with them, but if you're not interested you wont give a fuck about them."

My color of choice will always be black. Give me some eyeliner, fake lashes, hairdye and you've got yourself a Via.

I hold myself at very high standards, probably more than the average person. However that's probably a side effect of having an OCD father and an artist, now turned scientist, mother. Needless to say because of them, I was raised to be a perfectionist. I try to never doubt myself and be sure of everything I do. I am very confident in my looks and abilities, however I admit that I can come off as being a little over confident at times. Despite that, I realize that no one is perfect, especially not me. Everyone has their flaws and so do I; I just accept them or try to fix them if possible.

If you talk to me and you're under 18, I dont care how old you actually are, to me you're 12. Yes a prepubescent 12 year old. That's all I see you as.

Me Gusta!
Horseback ridding Reading Fennec foxes Crop tops Swimming Tattoos Fashion Modeling Music Art Purple Bubble Baths Short skirts Showers Leather Cats Lana Del Rey Sushi Japan

Yo Odio!
People. I hate the majority of people I meet. I also really hate when people ask me very vague questions like "tell me about yourself" that is what this whole thing was written for. Read this before you ask me dumb questions I hear 5 times a day that I'm tired of repeating. Or the oh so fascinating "how are you" "what's up," at least attempt to say something interesting. Feet. I also hate feet.


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