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I am me and that`s what I`ll be.......
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Woke up to the pool guy opening up the pool in the backyard, partytime! :dj Throwback Tuesday because Rebels R' Us.   2010, It was a typical night of preparing to hit the local Alt night.  Was pre-gamed and ready to go. The only thing missing.......was that drunk selfie. ?? Happy Birthday Rox! 
She came to hang with us for her birthday! Woo hoo! 

She was too lazy to look at the camera so I had to help her out. Steampunk World's Faire 2017 Happy Mothers Day to all the VF Moms and non VF Moms out there! :hearts

If you know a VF mom out there somewhere, post this image on their wall! :) R.I.P Reagan, 
I didn't know you for that long and I never got the chance to meet you in person. I'm sorry I was too late, I'm sorry I couldn't be around to meet you and bring Mikey there to see you one last time before you moved on. For the time you were here, you brought some happiness into my brother Mikey's life and showed him some of the world while I was away and for that you have my respect and thanks. We'll see you on that side soon enough once I'm done tearing it up in this life.

I'm sorry, I could have done better but I will do better. ? Fuck that Flower FB. My new juicer is here!!!!! 
JUICE!!!!!!!!!!!! ? #TBT - Cybertron: 7 Deadly Sins, 2012. 
I was Wrath, @Jet was Lust, I think @Chris2 was Pride? lol
Good times when we did events at Gramercy Theatre in NYC, miss those days and the friends that were around during that time. Love you guys. ? Chillin with Xentrifuge at the VF House!  Here's a FF about Jc, these guys got me into Industrial music back in 2009. Goals achieved! ??  Thank you! Keep rockin out and bringing more people over to the dark side! ?? So we've gotten a decent amount of feedback suggesting that we should put this graphic on a shirt. I love it but what do you think? Is it something you would wear / is it t-shirt worthy? :hmm Taco Sunday at the VF house! 
Homemade, not moving from the couch after this. ??? Wearing my horns to the store to get some tacos! TACO Sunday!!! We're coming to bring you fun and mischief at the Steampunk Worlds Fair for this special Cybertron e I made it back cutting through traffic with one block of gas left to spare because that's how much I Picking up the new hair dye shipments today, let's do it! ? Can you guess what this is for? 
I've never been this excited about owning something in my life. Stay Focused. When people throw judgments at us for being different, 
we always have Brad Pitt there to back us u Working in my @MisterValenz shirt today because we love em here. Phew...what a workout. 
Now that I'm done with this, I guess I'll go masturbate  and have a chocola Was going to get on the elliptical but instead Single man clearing this garage tonight to make room We're doin this! www.DarkSideofTheCon.com
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Sex: male
Age: 31
Location: Everywhere and Nowhere, New York, United States
Orientation: Straight
Status: VF Addict
Works with: jet
Admires: RedStars11
Buddies with: chris2
In a cult with: Niemand
Had sex with: Candylust
Friends with: Vasa_Pixie
In a gang with: GigiRose
Likes to party with: DraZuL77
Plotting against: PoisonApple
Plotting against: Angel_of_Chaotix
Fantasizes about: ChazyChazLives
Partner in crime with: xneveragainc
It's complicated with: ChloeVonCreepy
Rating: 9.91
Rating points: 11921
Member since: February 11, 2009
Last logged in: May 25, 2017, 08:20pm
Occupation: VampireFreaks VP
Account Status: Administrator
Rated by: 1203 people
Latest Journal Entry: Come and get your love with us at the Steampunk World's Fair. ;)   April 30, 2017, 10:38pm

Names Jc, I am the VP / second in command of VampireFreaks and all of its affiliates including the VF Store, Lunatik Hair Dye and our monthly event here in NYC, CYBERTRON.
I assist Jet with company projects, maintenance, management, company affairs and fucking shit up when we are out partying with our alternative family.

I'm a total nerd, been playing video games since I can remember.
If you have an issue or just want be friends here on VF, shoot me a message.

Industrial, Metal, Gothic Metal, Rock, Movies(Action, Adventure, Mystery, Horror), Magic/Illusion(Mainly fire and cards), Gothic Photography, Clubs, Dark Areas, Haagen-dazs Ice Cream, Successful and interesting people, Cracking Jokes about random Shit, Technology, Learning, Jack Daniels, Reading informative books, Speeding, Exercising, Self-Improvement, Philosophy, Poetry, Literature, Old-English, Final Fantasy: Dissidia, VampireFreaks!, Cybertron!, Studying, Invader Zim!, Gir, Spawn, Taking your money in Monopoly.
Country Music(Fuckin Hate it), Waiting at the DMV, Over Crowded areas like the subway during rush hour, Sentimental Family Talk, People who talk about themselves to much, One-uppers, Smoking, Second hand smoke, Politicians, Girls taller then 6'0 wearing 9 inch heels like they are trying to prove something.
Favorite Music:

Homepage: http://vampirefreaks.com/ShadowNightz85
Link 1: http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/vampirefreaks
Link 2: http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/nyc
Link 3: http://vampirefreaks.com/cult/VF_Infiltration_Unit

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