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† We pick such precious fruit from the garden of temptation. Engorging ourselves on such radiant lust filled pleasures.†
Status: The goblins move under the moon's gaze. The Nosferatu clan rises from the dirt to feed on unsuspecting prey. The witches gossip amongst themselves by the fire. Then there's me......a shadow.
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Sex: male
Age: 24
Location: Necropolis, Georgia, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
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About Me
this layout was done using PrintedExistence, all credit goes to them

Life offers us many amazing things. Even in the most darkest spaces of our mind. I'm a person of "simple" tastes that usually lie within barriers that need to be broken. Searching for those who have open minds and unique ideals are somewhat difficult to find in this day of age. We should be free to do as we please and express ourselves in any shape, way, or form (within the legal limits of course). I care not for looks, but only for the beauty that lies within all of us. -NecrosisSynthesis

Music. Different forms of art. (H.R. Giger, Edward gorey) Macabre. Decay. Gore. Works of Poe. The season Winter. Good quality films to view: - Tim Burton's Batman 1 and 2. -Batman begins and the dark knight. - The phantom of the opera (film and broadway) - Bram stoker's dracula - Interview with a vampire - Queen of the damned - Blade 1,2, and 3 - waking life - A scanner darkly - The crow. Horror films: - Saw 1 (and only SAW 1) - Friday the 13th - The Texas chainsaw massacre - Halloween - Hellraiser - Naked Blood - Sleepy hollow - Dawn of the dead - 28 days later - The Ring -japanese horror films. -Veggies. -Playing the guitar. -Halloween.(That's a major yes.) -Fruits. -Animals -Comics Books. -Novels. -Having at least an interesting conversations. -Body mods. -Tattoos. -Eating with chopsticks. -Open minds. -Decrepit places with many photographic capabilities

Ignorance, labeled or Categorized, discrimination(period), (modern)pop music, Childish Arguments. Arrogance. animal cruelty. lazyness. Stuck-up attitudes. Egos. casual parties. Drugs. Meat. Fighting. Boredom. Hard headedness. Abuse. Politics.

Favorite Music
80's music/ DarkWave/ Metal/ Industrial music/ Death Rock/ Classical. Bands: -Diva Destruction. -london after midnight. -Clan of Xynox. -Siouxsie and the banshees. - The sisters of mercy.-Christian Death. -Rozz Williams. -Batzz in the belfry. - The Spiritual Bat. -Fields of the nephilim -Deathstars. -Moi dix mois. -Malice mizer. -Gothminister. -Voltaire. -Two witches. -The cruxshadows. -Switchblade Symphony. -Sopor aeternus. -Angels of liberty. -Hatesex. If you have any good bands for me to try, let me know!


Favorite Music:

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