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"I'm gonna capture your Digimon and feed it Rare Candies."
Status: Bitch please, people say we don't get snow down south, of course we do, it's called Jizz.
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Sex: male
Age: 24
Location: Worcestershire, United Kingdom
Orientation: Gay
Status: Single and looking
Plotting against: GumCummyBear
Stalking: Xx-Jakob-xX
Wants to make babies with: SatanHimself
Admires: Okoii
Wants to kill: mr-cuddles
Rating: 9.05
Rating points: 1756
Member since: September 12, 2012
Last logged in: May 29, 2017, 03:17pm
Occupation: The Video Game Hermit
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 194 people
Latest Journal Entry: Dessert Pizza...?   February 14, 2017, 04:10pm

(Skype: amegemstone) (Kik: MrMadMothy) Before anything, please realize that I am not photogenic, therefore I am not comfortable taking many pictures since I feel insecure about how I look when I do, so please don't call me fake due to me not having over 50 odd pictures on here, a couple is enough to show you who I am. First off, thank you for taking your time to read my profile, I hope it isn't too much of a bore for you to read but I tried to make explanation on here simple and easy to skim through while you can find some things out about me. Obviously, you may want to know my real name as to relate me to, i'm called Tim for short. I live in a little town in England, apparently England is an area of the United Kingdom that people from other countries tend to not know much about for some reason or another. I would also like to bring up the fact that you may or may not notice my orientation is Gay. Now I doubt anyone here has a problem with that but for the odd one or two people who may do, you can kindly fuck off as I will ignore your immature comments, that trend has gone past old nowadays. Social wise, I would say that I am a very easy going person when I am meeting new people, so don't be shy to ask a question or two about me, I don't bite. The only sort of rule I have to conversation is that as long as you are kind to me I will be kind back, if you are an asshole to me I will be an asshole back. For now, I can't really think of anything else I can bring up to say, just that I am looking forward to talking to a lot of new faces on here and hopefully making some friends in the process, thank you again for reading.
I've always been that person who had grown up being bullied at school, so I spent most of my time secluded at home where I just used to play video games day and night. Since then, that sort of stuck and it's my favorite past time when I haven't got anything else to do. I also have a soft spot for animals and I own a cat myself, I am extremely against animal cruelty and I wouldn't think twice to break a bone if I ever saw someone abusing any sort of animal, especially if it were their own pet. I really enjoy the company of other people, especially ones who are there for you from the beginning. Those sort of people are the ones you are able to trust and enjoy going out with and spending your life with until the end.
This will mainly be the opposite to my likes, I honestly despise people who make it their job and find it entertaining to bring other people down to the point of tears by hurting their feelings, you gain nothing from it and you will eventually be hated by a lot of people. I lost my first pet to a dog owner who promptly proceeded to hit my cat with a branch to get it off his dog who mistook him for a rabbit and savaged him, this is why it makes me sick to the bone to see an animal in pain or being abused by any human being and it's one of those times i'd be willing to hurt a person to make it stop. I cannot stand those people who take you for granted and use you for their own ends and then ditch you, this also covers love. Being cheated on and having your heart tricked is by far one of the most painful feelings you will ever experience, those people are the darkest.
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It would be easier for you to check out my music playlist, I have a song from each favorite band I enjoy listening to on here.

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