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Showing muh support n' appreciation: hearts I saved it! :circles My breakfast this morning. :nod Found it near the ferry terminal on my way home. :rofl :rofl :rofl My Sister's been doing some planting of her own.
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Sex: male
Age: 37
Location: "Land Between Two Waters", British Columbia, Canada
Orientation: Bisexual
Status: Single and not looking
Buddies with: Lacoum
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Partner in crime with: Incognitus_Lamia
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Family with: _AVAneutrALT_
Sister:: magickmama
In love with: xOeX
Rating: 9.93
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Member since: January 08, 2017
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Occupation: Geomancer, Lawn Groomer, Artist
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Hello/Hallo/Saluté/Konichiwa and welcome to the land of dementia and poptarts.

You can call me Scoe or Scroe, all my friends in meatspace do.

Let's start off with a list of things that I am.
I am a atheist
I am a skeptic
I am a asshole... Sometimes.
I am bad for you, no joke you'll learn to hate or love me.
I am a certified oddity.
I am a creative person. I makes music, arts and writing, occasionally.
I am a fooking metalhead. I do listen to other types of music though.
I am a Horror film junkie!
I am a Fetishist (Don't worry I keep all of that kind of posting on FetLife so keep your genitals unbent about this.)
I am a possessor of "magical hands" or in other words I give really good massages.
I am cerealy cereal when I say I'm odd.
I am obsessed with Mollusks and Cinadrians.
I am also obsessed with the Alien movie franchise.
I am part of a four person team that runs a small animal rescue operation.
I am getting bored with this list.

I am not here looking for random hookups or love. If I really wanted to I could go outside and look for either. I'm just here looking for like minded individuals to possibly befriend. Note: The weirder and filthier you are the better.

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Video Games (Multiplatform) MtG, Anime, Cartoons, Crime Shows, Documentaries, Horror Movies, Sci-fi Movies with Dystopian Themes, mangling/torturing the English language, the prefix psuedo-, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Pathology, Malacology, Teuthology, Medical Technology, Escaping from reality through my madness, H.P Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Indie Wrestling Promotions (The Ultraviolent stuff and yes I know it's scripted).


Pseudoscience, Extremists, Political Correctness, Identity Politics, Nationalism, Religious Faith, Charlatans (I have serious rage boner for these cretins.), PETArds, ALF, Unethical Therapists, Entitled Twits, Professional Victims,

Favorite Music:

Death/Doom Metal, Blackened Death Metal, Progressive Death Metal, Death Metal, Doom Metal, Grindcore, Goregrind, Thrash Metal, Technical Thrash Metal, Groove Metal, Black Metal, Protometal, Crossover, Hard Rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues, IDM, Ambient, Dark Ambient, Dark PsyTrance, Psycore, Progressive PsyTrance, High-Tech Trance, Industrial Metal, Industrial Rock, Electro-Industrial, Aggrotech, Dark Electro, Gabber, Speedcore, Hardstyle, Death-Rap, Classical.

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