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God this is the 3rd place I've been to and it's still the......

:rofl Yo this remake of Mad Max Fury Road is kinda lacklustre and B-Grade to say the least. :laughchair :nod  :p
:) In the wasteland on the way to the Red Queen 
It's no wonder our stage clothes have dreams to be fa
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Sex: male
Age: 38
Location: auckland, New Zealand
Orientation: Bisexual
Partner in crime with: Transformation
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Buddies with: leethetrashking
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Wants to make babies with: Transformation
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Member since: October 02, 2012
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Occupation: carpenter (builder)
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LonghiredFreak/vampguy666, go fuck yourself you pussy!... Hiding behind a block like a little bitch. Grow a fucking pair buttercup!.. Firstly. VF USERS BEWARE. Stalk my pagee and I WILL rate you. Secondly. I'm not some snobby, 'holier than thou' user like most ppl around here are. If you take the time out of your busy day to message me. I will ALWAYS (always always always) reply to you. It's the least I can do. Ok now that that's out of the way. I'm a clown (not literally) but I love to crack jokes. Idk... Guess I just find fulfilment in making people laugh. (Even if they're laughing AT me). I'm a Kiwi of Samoan descent. By day I Train in MuayThai and build million dollar beach houses (seriously). By night I'm an insatiable Lycanthrope/Werewolf. Into all things horror and metal. LOVE Slipknot and attended their concert in October and I can safely say that it was the greatest thing Iv ever witnessed... ??? Absolutely sick!..
muaythai, mma, jiujitsu, surfing, fishing and liz vicious. werewolf and zombie flicks, pott, the ufc. dragonball z, game of thrones. Tattoos, Piercings. And just chatting with people from far away lands and all walks of life.
fuckwits, (such as) Kanye West, Beyoncé, Donald Trump. And especially architects. (All looks fine n dandy on paper but let's see how functional shit is in practicality).
Favorite Music:
Miss may I, pantera, megadeth, white zombie, tool, pod, faith no more, dimmu borgir, slipknot, killing joke, letlive, bleed from within, shadows chasing ghosts, idiom, cancerbats, blindspot, shihad, marilyn manson, slayer, korn soundgarden Metallica, suicide silence, Motionless in white, Gwar. Alice in chains, Tupac, gangstarr, tech9, bone, nas, jay z, big pun, busabus, lil wayne, eminem.
Homepage: Stueefatal@gmail.com

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