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"Yeah my baby's pretty as a car crash, subtle as a splinter, Yeah my baby's smooth as sandpaper, warm just like the winter, Screaming 'catch me if you can,' with a cigarette in hand, And it's love."
Status: Booked my trip to Tokyo next year!!
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Your demon empress <3 With Schok Pop! 4 days until Bloodstock! I can't understand why my neighbors don't like me
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Sex: female
Age: 26
Location: Manchester, United Kingdom
Status: Single
Rating: 9.90
Rating points: 3315
Member since: June 18, 2013
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Account Status: Model
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Latest Journal Entry: Japan 2016   December 11, 2016, 09:38am

Yo, I'm Luin!
Twenty-Five. Brit.
I am amazing yet also a complete loser.
Give me pie, beer and metal and I'm yours.

I like to think that I'm friendly, open-minded and very laid-back. I avoid fights and arguments like the plague. I'm honestly just too lazy to get involved in any drama, so any bullshit you try to send my way will be deftly ignored! However, friendliness will be repaid with friendliness! I enjoy meeting awesome people!

If you were to ever meet me in person you'll see that I bounce between being really loud, out-going and ready to grab life by the balls to being impossibly quiet (often incorrectly mistaken for shyness) and wanting nothing more to curl up with my duvet and a book. But no matter what I will always let you take me out and buy me a beer!

If you want to chat then send me a message and feel free to add me as a friend! But PLEASE don't just say "Hey" or "ur hot" - I'm a chatty person but I need a little more to go on to make conversation, okay?

And finally, I am a confident and capable lady. I like the way I look and I like the way I think. I spent far too long allowing other peoples opinions dictate my happiness, eventually it just got boring. I'm really not that bothered what people think of me anymore. I'd rather just know how you feel and then piss you off accordingly!

Anime and Manga - Vodka - Real Ale - Socializing - Music - Reading - Writing - Alt. fashion - Make-up - DIY - Modeling - My Face
Racists - Misogynists - Homophobics - Generally people who hate unnecessarily
Favorite Music:
Rammstein - Amon Amarth - Sabaton - Tyr - Rob Zombie - Ensiferum - Meshuggah - Slayer - Pantera - Kataklysm - Hatebreed - Kreator - Black Sabbath
Homepage: http://facebook.com/luinmodel
Link 1: http://cherry-toxic.tumblr.com

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