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Boredom is as boredom does... All 'good', 'bad', interesting and 'stupid' stories/events usually start with boredom as a reason and usually end with the explanation, "It was a good idea at the time."
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Sex: male
Age: 29
Location: Henderson, Nevada, United States
Orientation: Asexual
Status: VF Addict
Sister:: Apoc_Angel
Member since: October 12, 2005
Last logged in: May 26, 2017, 04:01pm
Occupation: Stage Hand, Metal Worker, Engineer
Account Status: Premium Member
Latest Journal Entry: Bored as shit, Missing Chat   April 26, 2016, 02:21am

I'm not sure what really is appropriate to put on my profile... quite honestly I previously just had a bunch of shit i wrote while i was young and mostly intoxicated... Both times lol

Before anything I realize its important to say this, If you want to chat me up on yahoo, msn, aim, etc... Just ask Although i rarely use yahoo any more lol.

I'm a UNLV Alumni... woo... Graduated a while back and just never updated my profile. Now i work with bands because I honestly think there's more to life than working a 9 to 5.

Long explination: [Skip this if you don't really care to read all this shit, just look for the bold part to see what i changed my major too]

I Started out after high school wanting to be a Chemical engineer, but only because they make a shit ton of money and their work helps people. UNLV didn't offer it so I ended up following my high school chemistry teachers advice and doing what he did (partially) so I signed up as a Civil engineer.

Found out how boring bridges can be when your actually designing them... and that the major is either about water treatment, seismic activity, or making sure things that are built structurally don't fall apart, but nothing really moves and you spend all your time designing so it never does... So needless I switched majors out of imminent death by alcohol (it was near my 21st birthday when i switched.) I was also minoring in Chemistry... Was fine with that shit until Organic Chemistry... That stuff...ugh... Ended up dropping that shit to graduate early...

Was interested in Biomedical engineering but UNLV only offers that to graduates, basically I've only ever wanted to make people happier in life; regardless if they remember my name for it or not. Particularly i wanted to take up robotics and prosthetic's, which sounded interesting and rewarding to do (rewarding in many ways).

But yea... I actually ended up majoring in Entertainment Engineering and Design and graduated in 2013, dropped my minor in chemistry to graduate early.

[Ended up being too much work and didn't effect my life in the least, so much for sticking with it and finishing up everything about it my senior year]

Wondering what the hell Entertainment Engineering is? [not really? Skip to next bold font stuff then]
Its basically a mix of Mechanical engineering and some degree of Civil engineering along with rigging, design, and some kind of social degree.

Well... To be specific Were taught to be self sufficient, and be able to deal with people in the entertainment industry and be able to understand specifically what people want when they ask for something and the kind of questions involved with the proper process of what should be asked before you build something.

I basically could be working for Cirque Du Soleil but... meh... they kept telling me i lacked experience in Automation. So now I work with bands... I've worked with everything from Metallica to Aerosmith so far.

I was in the Automation, Animatronics and motion control tracks along with robotics, I have successfully made shit that creeps and weirds people out. Sadly its very expensive so i only spent money on it once and then broke down the parts into another project that eventually became a large pile of scrap.

More About me:
I have ADHD, I'm not bipolar but I suffer from mood swings[which are mostly internal so not very well shown] and most people don't notice unless they've known me long enough and well enough to see the little signs... Honestly even when you do notice I won't talk about it... Firm believer in "out of sight and out of mind".

I'm an insomniac, I'm very straight forward and blunt most of the time... I try not to hurt people's feelings but honestly I say what needs to be said when its needed, regardless of what people think of me. So if it makes me an asshole or a rude prick for just being real with folks than I guess i am, and I guess they should get over themselves and grow up a little bit... People sometimes get hurt because I am like this but being this way is far better than lying to myself and lying to others.

Without Conflict there is no change

Not much else to say, I guess I try to hard to make people like me, but mostly because my ADHD tends to annoy people so its one of those things I feel like I need to balance out... I used to take medication for it, did I like to? No but god do i ever miss it now that I'm out in the field and have issues concentrating sometimes...

I'm prone to going off onto tangents and then later on I just suddenly snap back onto the previous topic and get back on track... My brain chemistry is all kinds of fucked, what can I say?

I have a shit ton of hobbies and other things like that... I've worked at a goth club, as a web master, IT guy, an intern, but mostly now days I just work with bands as a stagehand... Its rewarding but sometimes seems fruitless just setting up and tearing shit down. I prefer the show call to see all the happy excited people and knowing I was apart of it.

Not sure what else to write, quite frankly I'd rather not discuss anything else about myself, i mean i'd like to leave something to talk about right? So how about...future plans... and of course the like and dislike section... which i never liked nor disliked

Future Plans:
Plan one: I plan to build the worlds largest[and least expensive to run] haunted house in the world at some point in my life, Which is something I sometimes discuss but don't really explain in vivid detail, because honestly i don't want someone to steal all my ideas I've collected over time...

Depending on how well that does from there I plan on investing in land and building my own community... Outside of normal society, and probably invest in a shit ton of solar power so its possible to live off the grid...

Plan Two: Invest what i do have into a boat and live my life like a pirate on the seas. Its cheaper than a haunted house and i'd probably find it more relaxing. Plus who doesn't love traveling? I think i've been infected with the gypsy at some point while working. I travel, but not terribly much as nothing beats crawling into a bed without looking for bed bugs.

As the saying goes, there is no time quite like the present. I'm to this date surprised someone reads this whole thing.

Genuine people, Metal working, Lounging, shiny things, piercings, gory movies, old movies, quality acting, making things with my hands, unusual instruments, random facts, talking about random things and facts, Chaos Law, the frailty of the human mind, the occult, old musky books, jingly objects, making people happy as long as its not at my expense(because people tend to be greedy assholes).

Overly unnecessarily serious people... who don't know how to have fun any more or how to take even a slight joke, religious zealots, People who cling to social norms
Door to door mormons (They finally stopped knocking :3)
Ignorance, The concept of racism (because quite honestly everyone is racist by the concept and once people get over racism and realize what it is and just let it melt away into obscurity is when the world will be a better place)
Closed minded people, people who are drama fags and do what others tell them to just because they want to be liked and accepted by others (fucking lemmings)

Finally, people who rate me low because they have their head too far up someone else's ass to realize just how retarded they are. [Sorry... I just realized a bunch of drama queens spammed my profile with bad ratings again even though they changed the system apparently, although its petty and really makes no real difference to me i do dislike what idiocy fuels actions of the kind mentioned above]

Favorite Music:
Its hard to choose(i consider myself still so underexposed to music)
So far I guess some of my Favorites are Cinema Strange, Deadfly Ensemble, Dead Kennedy's, misfits, Bad Religion, David Bowie, bloody dead & sexy,Orgy, Marilyn Manson and the spooky kids, God Module, Psyclon 9, Machinae Supremacy, 45 grave, Mindless Self Indulgence, and various other bands which I've grown far too tired to put the rest of which down right now... Its been several years and i still don't want to update all the bands.