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Got a couple super gorgeous tumbler cups with swirly icecream lids at Walgreens ????? I'm in love how could I not? Time for lunch :p Soup time y'all
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Sex: female
Age: 24
Location: Andromeda Galaxy, United States
Orientation: Straight
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animated gifs photo: Super Serious Cat tumblr_lhge0gP0od1qcy1poo1_r1_500.gif Hey there. I'm just someone from California who transplanted to Texas(I know right) that just likes being me. I love animals soooooo much. I like people who are unshamefully honest and think that being ''normal'' is overrated. Just be uuuuu and all will feel better, really. I'm here to give hugs and advice to u guys as always :) my favorite color is turquoise blue. animated gifs photo:  tumblr_m650vfFzWG1rot8f0o1_400-1.gif Animated Flowers photo rrr1.gif
animated gifs photo: Bunny Olympics unnamed-4.gif Guys in skin tight skinny jeans *winks* People that love animals as much as I do. People that don't look down on others because of silly nonsense. People that let their freak flags fly freely.
animated gifs photo: I challenge you to a duel! f6717d4aa8e43db1da28581.gif Let's see...........I hate people that are not nice to animals. People that don't give others a chance before closing off on them. okra....the stuff is slimy and disgusting leftovers make me sick i hate lipgloss cause its sticky and hair sticks to it
Favorite Music:
animated gifs photo: mmmmm... Cereal cereal.gif First song I ever heard that made me fall in love with rock etc was silverstein's ''smashed into pieces''. That song was epiccc to me. I also grew up in what I think is probably the golden age of modern rock/alternative music. Lots of bands came out around that time, I was about 16 and picking and choosing my fave songs from bands as there were so many to choose from. Of course I had that Greenday phase where me and my friend would listen to their songs on repeat and I had the biggest crush on Billy Joe Armstrong. Bascially if the band had cute guys in skinny jeans I was in XD. I kind of got into Jack white's music a bit later on. Falloutboy was also epicc to me. ''Grand theft autumn''and ''sugar we're goin'' down are still two of my fave songs of all time. Nine inch nails ''the hand that feeds'' was also a fave, I mean that electronic futuristic music element was insane XD. Atreyu is of course another favorite of mine, such uniquely emotional yet strong as hell. I think the main thing I liked about BVB when they came out was how sexy Andyy Sixx looked when they started out, I mean damn boy lol those skinny jeans didn't lie. ''Check yes Juliet'' by we the Kings is another all time fave song of mine. I love how it brings that classic shakespearean romatic vibe and makes it bad ass. There are other songs music etc that I like but can;t think of right now....thanks for reading XD

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