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Feared by all hell, Unwanted by all heaven..
Status: My baby is finally here with me <3
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Sex: male
Age: 22
Location: Reidsville, North Carolina, United States
Orientation: Pansexual
Status: In a relationship
Rating: 9.81
Rating points: 3580
Member since: June 08, 2013
Last logged in: April 25, 2017, 09:45pm
Occupation: Singer,Writer,Tattoo Artist
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 365 people

(kik: IssacEspinoza7, Skype: izzydarkhart, Facebook: Issac Aaron Espinoza. Message as you please) My name is Issac Espinoza, my life is all about all kinds of art and music is a big part of my life. i love to sing, play keyboard, and i use the synthesizer and i am learning how to use the bass but i do not really know how. my art goes from writing(science fiction, fantasy, horror, action, adventure stories), painting, drawing, sculpting, pastel, tattooing, make up, sawing, to anything i can think of and put my mind to. i think of my self as a very caring and loving person but then i also am quite and act non-caring, sarcastic and also have a dark yet logical/ rational point of view on everything, and though i am bad at emotions, i am very good at helping people with anything, and i will speak my mind and say what i want at any cost. I would not say i am Gothic how ever i do have many traits that people in the goth community typically have but i guess you can see for your self, i am very peaceful and funny to most people, well i try to be. I am here to make friends with same interest hopefully more friends with a great liking for science fiction/ space Oprah/ fantasy/ horror and express my self with out shame. Fair warning i do like blood and the energy i get from it and among other forms of energy as well. so message, add, rate. i love meeting knew people.
music, all kinds of art, tattooing,writing music, writing, video games,The Crow, Star War, Marilyn Manson, horror, blood, darkness
people that think they know me and judge me
Favorite Music:
black metal, dark metal, Gothic metal, industrial black/Gothic/dark/metal, aggro-tech, Gothic rock, death metal, some metal/death-core

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