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Sex: male
Age: 25
Location: Tucson, Arizona, United States
Status: Single and not looking
Rating: 9.74
Rating points: 721
Member since: February 01, 2017
Last logged in: Invisible
Occupation: Landscaping
Account Status: Free Account
Rated by: 74 people
Latest Journal Entry: My favorite excerpt from Aldous Huxley's "Island"   March 12, 2017, 01:11am


__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Doctor Who, Grimm, Game of Thrones, Vikings, The Black Donellys, The Blacklist, iZombie, Penny Dreadful, Weeds, Travelers, Dexter, Lost, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Gotham, Luke Cage, Santa Clarita Diet, The Glades, The Sopranos, Sherlock, True Blood, Once Upon a Time, Deathnote, House of Cards, The Addam's Family, The Munsters, The Peaky Blinders, House, Lie To Me, Six Feet Under, Shameless(UK), Prison Break,  Pushing Daisies, Burn Notice, Person of Interest, Warehouse 13, Glitch, The Big Bang Theory, Last Man Standing, 2 Broke Girls __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Fracture, Sin City, From Dusk Till Dawn, Blair Witch Project, Cruel Intentions, Enough, Double Jeapordy, Addam's Family, Suckerpunch, Chicago, The Phantom of the Opera, Repo: The Genetic Opera, Into the Woods, The Covenant, Repo Men, Don't Breathe, Hush, Identity, The Green Mile, Man of the Year, Boondock Saints, I Am Legend, The Happening, Four Brothers, Bram Stoker's Dracula, Dracula Untold, In the Heart of the Sea, American Gangster, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Silent Hill, Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars, Hellraiser, Time Machine, Mom and Dad Save the World, The Fifth Element, Kpax, Alien vs Predator, Django Unchained, Divergent, Ender's Game, Queen of the Damned, The Houses October Built, RocknRolla, Snatch, Misery, Dreamcatcher, Planet Terror, House of 1000 Corpses, Harry Potter, Hunger Games, House of Wax, Slither, Dead Silence, Saw, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Tokyo Gore Police, Deathnote, Addam's Family Values, Beetlejuice, Sweeney Todd, The Knowing, Nosferatu, The Watchmen, Batman, Deadpool, Suicide Squad, Daredevil, The Amazing Spiderman, Ghost Ship, Deep Blue Sea, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Unfriended, Stonehurst Asylum, Legend, Edward Scissor Hands, The Shining, Halloween, Chucky, Silence of the Lambs, Hannibal, 28 Days Later, Hugo,The Painted Veil, Princess Bride, The Invention of Lying, The Boy With the Cuckoo Clock Heart, Alice In Wonderland, Miss Peregrine's Home for Peciliar Children, Clue, Burke and Hare, Bicentennial Man, The Golden Compass, Galaxy Quest, Guardians of the Galaxy, Zodiac, Memento, From Hell, The Machinist, The Three Muskateers, The Illusionist, Oldboy, Hellboy, Misery, Secret Window, Unbreakable, The Matrix, Tron, Uncanny, AI: Artificial Intelligence, Blade Runner, iRobot, Prometheus, Pan's Labrynth, Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Fight Club, The Pianist, Dark Shadows, Sleepy Hollow, Transcendance, Blow, The Ninth Gate, Red Riding Hood, The Book of Eli, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer, Snowpiercer, Now You See Me, Catch Me If You Can, The Italian Job, Unstoppable, Casino, Pulp Fiction, Road to Perdition, The Godfather, My Cousin Vinny, Public Enemies, Lucky Number Slevin, American History X, They, Dead Snow, The Last House on the Left, The Hills Have Eyes, Wrong Turn, Happy Birthday To Me, The Mothman Prophecies, Prophecy, Jumper, Army of Darkness, The Lake House, Lady in the Water, The Good Son, Orphan, Zombieland, Rec, Quarantine, Resident Evil, Avatar, Robocop, Elysium, Equilibrium, Soylent Green, Oblivion, The Island, Pacific Rim, Cloverfield, Mr. Nobody, District 9, Solaris, etc... (this list could go on forever) __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Skyrim, Call of Duty, Battlefield, Red Dead Redemtion, Mafia 2, The Godfather 2, Grand Theft Auto, Assassins Creed, Bioshock __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Magic The Gathering, Hobo Nickels(haven't started up a collection yet, but I also want to start making my own), Art, Movies, etc... __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Favorite Music:
__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ KoRn, She Wants Revenge, Tech N9ne, Twiztid, Rhyme Asylum, Flogging Molly, Hollywood Undead, 21 Pilots, Five Finger Death Punch, Professional Murder Music, Aesthetic Perfection & so many others. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Homepage: https://halfemptyhumanoid.tumblr.com

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