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Grades don't measure intelligence and age doesn't define maturity - anonymous
Status: So sick of people adding me then deleting me then re-adding me again! Ugh! Go take your social climber antics somewhere else! I don't have time for time wasters like you! [View Updates]
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First time out in a while! Last night outing! Goth birthday celebrations for a good friend! chilling at a friends place
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Sex: female
Age: 23
Location: Adelaide, Australia
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and not looking
Rating: 9.84
Rating points: 3011
Member since: August 16, 2014
Last logged in: May 30, 2017, 07:42am
Occupation: StarChild
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Hello, I'm Maria... Spiritual... Self taught artist... Viking Reenactor... Quite new to the goth community and subculture... Still learning the history, music and where it all started... Have admired goths ever since I was a young girl! Finally had the courage to pursue it! I've been gothic for around 4 years now! Still have a lot of learning to do! Born in Australia with a Italian descent... My style is quite mixed but love the more elegant style such as Romantics, Victorian or Vampyre goth.... Also have to admit i do add the 80s styles such as Trad/Batcave and so on! ......... I have an clichι obsession with Vampires and fairies! My first vampire movie at the age of three was "The Lost Boys" including "Interview with the Vampire" ... My mother has a love for vampires.. So I guess I kind of rubbed it off her... Don't have time for negativity energies! A Cusp of Scorpio/Sagittarius (The Cusp of Revolution).... Looking forward into building up more lovely friendships with like minded goths and elder goths from all over Australia as well as overseas... Guys... Please keep it G rated! Don't even ask for any kind of social media as I do not intend in giving it out... Unless "I" consider you as a close friend... Then I may give it too but only if I consult you about it... Not the other way around!
-•- Chinese, Thai, Indian food. -•- Books, crystals, horoscopes, 90s/80s movies, Candles, taxidermy, old Photographs, photography, art, oracle cards, old heritage homes and buildings, Paranormal, extraterrestrial, cosmos, universe and many more! -•- Storms, forests, cemetery, Winter.
-•- Hip hop/rap. -•- Gym junkies. -•- Snobs/judgemental/fake/negative people. -•- Heights and spiders
Favorite Music:
A bit of metal, goth, 80s, 90s. Always open to new music and bands!
Link 1: http://lipstickonyourchampagneglass.tumblr.com
Link 2: http://instagram.com/faithlessliving

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