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Stoke me a clipper, I'l be back for Christmas!
Status: Decapitated were fucking insane last night! and now for Exodus in the same place tonight!! Shit's going to get messy! /,,/ [View Updates]
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So I took my camera out to the great outdoors yesterday birdwatching and managed to get my first photos of a bird in flight, which was infact a Hawk! :) Hand hug! "god damn it, why you always takin' pictures of meh?" Morning/afternoon/evening or whatever it is where you all are people! Because everyone loves high quality close up shots of awesome food right?

This is a "Double Cheeseburger" pizza apparently, but had hardly any cheese on it,  so y'know... I just had to give it a top up ;) Oh and some chopped tomato aswell.
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Sex: male
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I'm not going to give too much away here because there should already be enough info below to get an idea of my lifestyle and the type of person I am, so if you like what you read and fancy finding out more or getting to know me then just message me! simple :)
METAL!!! /,,/ Headbanging, Playing guitar and writing music(when the rare creative juices are flowing), Jager, Cider, Fishing, retro gaming, PS3, PS4, PC, Photography(still learning though :P), Tea! cheese (yes the food) Game Of Thrones, Red Dwarf, Star Trek, Star Wars, Martial arts and martial arts weapons, Motorbikes. I may add more if/when they come to mind ^^
Seriously? who want's to know what I DON'T like? I suppose you'l just have to find out slowly if I want to get to know you..
Favorite Music:
!PanterA! R.I.P dimebag!-Annihilator-Anthrax(old)-Megadeth-Death-Decapitated-Candlemass-Metallica-Machine Head-C.O.C.-Children of Bodom-Down-Fear factory-King's X-King Diamond-Mercyful Fate-Xentrix-AC/DC-Crowbar-Nevermore-Damageplan-Rebel Meets Rebel-Slayer-Opeth-Iron Maiden-Judas Priest-Joe Satriani-Killswitch Engage-Iced Earth-Black Sabbath-Ozzy Osbourne-BLS-Sepultura-Amon Amarth-Guns n Roses-Testament-Cacophony-Carcass-Vio-lence-Evil Dead-Nuclear Assault-Exodus-Savatage-Havok- Probably more random bands, but this just lists my favs.

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