* June 14, 2017 *
Incredible Drunk Shopping WGT Haul!
All the AMAZING LOVELY THINGS I picked up from Wave-Gotik-Treffen! :-D

Things I showed you in order...
~ Mephisto Walz album: https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/mephistowalz4
~ Vampyre's Romance perfume: http://amzn.to/2s2nrOv
~ Bat Cushions: http://www.flez-art.de/
~ Aderlass fashion: http://amzn.to/2rx7qMN
~ Sinister scarf: http://amzn.to/2spHPK9
~ Vide Noir: https://goo.gl/N8RM5S
~ iRebell: http://www.irebell.com/
~ Pazzesque lashes: http://store.pazzesque.com/en/49-luxury-3d-silk-eyelashes
~ Father Sebastiaan Fangsmith: http://www.fathersebastiaan.com/
* June 13, 2017 *
Polls! + VF Artwork Contest voting
We had a difficult time choosing a winner on the VF artwork contest since we had so many great entries!
So I went ahead and brought polls back so we can vote on it!

So first off, polls are back for cults and the VF forum! They're still kind of in beta-testing mode so feel free to give any input / suggestions. One new update is you can include images / html in your poll options now.
Also I reorganized / cleaned up a bunch of the cult code so if you find any bugs let me know.

Also, thanks again to everyone that entered our VF artwork contest! The VF staff picked out the finalists and now it's your turn to vote on a winner!
Click HERE to choose an artwork winner!
* June 12, 2017 *
Interview with BlackMurdur

Come read the newest user interview with this bomb ass chick right here!

Learn about her cosmetics company, her inspirations and get to know her!
You can read her interview HERE
* June 12, 2017 *
Cybertron Video with Psyclon Nine!
Thanks to everyone that came out!
Here's the video for this month's cybertron:

Next Cybertron is June 24th!
* June 11, 2017 *
VF Store - fathers day sale

VampireFreaks Fathers Day Sale!
Want to get your dad something cool?
Or do you have daddy issues and just want something for yourself? Join the club!
We got some cool gifts picked out and on sale!
VampireFreaks Father's Day Sale
* June 10, 2017 *
Historically Inspired Punk Rave Try-On
* June 10, 2017 *
Remembering Adam West
As most of you have already heard, we lost Adam West yesterday on June 9th and seeing as how the character Batman has been one of the top most loved characters in the alternative community, it is only fitting that we pay this small tribute to the third and most popular actor to ever don the suit of the Batman.

What is your favorite Adam West character?
What is your favorite Adam West moment?
When was the first time you learned about Adam West?
Help us remember him and share your favorite Adam West photos along with your answers in the comments below. heartbeat

* June 09, 2017 *
Favorite Music

Everyone listens to music, whether it be an alternative genre, pop, classical, or an eclectic mix.
Today we want to know what music is your favorite!
What are your top 3 favorite songs?
What band is your favorite?
Do you have a favorite solo artist?
What bands/artists have you seen live? Were they what you expected?
Leave your pics, videos, gifs and thoughts in the comment section below! pointdown
* June 08, 2017 *
Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2017 Aftermath
How many of you were there this year?
What bands did you enjoy the most?
What activities did you do there?
Share your photos! daydream

* June 05, 2017 *
interview with mystic_moonlight

Today's interview is with the beautiful mystic_moonlight

Check it out here pointdown


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