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Sex: male
Age: 28
Location: Volda, Norway
Orientation: Straight
Status: Single and looking
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Member since: March 14, 2010
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So, bad at writing profiles but guess I'll have to make a new one now, more updated one though not most interesting one i guess. I'm 28 from Norway, living in a town here called Volda, nice and relaxing place to live, lots of nature around here though not to much to do, but i love it here during the summer. Currently I'm just working as an assistant from time to time at the local school as assistant there, and assistant at the after school program there. No idea really for what more to write here, will try and update this more later on, but for now feel free to ask me anything. ^_^
Usually enjoy stuff like just relaxing with a movie, tv show or some good music, but i also enjoy drinking from time to time with friends and just relax. Love walking outside during the winter when its ice cold outside at night time when its no wind and no sounds or movement outside, gives me the feeling that everything is just frozen in time. Loving the summer as well, walking outside or in the woods when its warm outside and you can hear the sound of leaves in the wind and nothing else and just feel the freedom of the nature, but the best part mus be swimming, not really warm in the water here in Norway no matter time of the year it is, but its still amazing to go swimming :3 Always loved thunder and lightning, seeing the lightning and then hearing the thunder after gives me a really good feeling. Of alcohol my favorites must be beer, vodka from time to time and tequila can be quite entertaining as well. Movies i can watch more or less anything, but favorite type of movies must be sci-fi and fantasy, adventure is great as well, same goes for tv shows. Favorite type of music must be viking and folk metal. Always loved animals and more or less grew up with animals. Conversations and discussions are always fun to have as long as people have open minds.
Animal abuse -
Favorite Music:
Arcturus, Dalriada, Daemonicium, Einherjer, Glittertind, Ian Stuart, Screwdriver, Therion, Turisas, Tyr, Myrkgrav, Nargaroth, Old Man's Child, Sabaton, Saga, Satanic Warmaster, Sturmgeist, Summoning, Tristania, Wuthering Heights, Storm, Eths, Noumena, Trollmyr, Sirenia, Hammerfall, The Kovenant, Dark Moor, Sigh, Clanadonia, Garmarna, Powerman 5000. Vintersorg, System of a down.

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