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* March 25, 2017 *
"Self Destructive Synthpop"
Mr Kitty returns with a powerful new album now available on the Negative Gain Productions label

Texas-based musician Mr.Kitty confronts the listener with a synth-driven emotional journey through a mental breakdown.
Using a minimal set of sounds, Mr.Kitty creates lush atmospheres with crystalline synths, hard-hitting beats, and infectious vocal hooks.
A cold sense of urgency lies within the span of 15 meticulously constructed pieces, but also a voice of sincerity in the lyrics.
Two tracks feature vocal collaborations including New York-Based Dreampop act, PASTEL GHOST and the vocaloid superstar, Megurine Luka (????).
Throughout the album, Mr.Kitty transforms into different personas leaving us wondering; "Is he programmed to please or to malfunction at will"?

Video to a song from the new album, "I Hope You Fall Apart":

The "A.I." album is now available digitally; physical release date is April 7.

You can purchase a digital copy of the new album or the single of "I Hope You Fall Apart" directly from Mr. Kitty's Bandcamp site at Negative Gain Productions!
* March 24, 2017 *
Why I Don't Make "Goth Discussion" Videos
Ranty ranty rant, why I dont discuss certain things on my channel :-)

* March 24, 2017 *
This BBC produced documentary that made a wonderful premiere in SXSW last year in Austin has been made available on iTunes!

At the end of the 1970s, Gary Numan found himself to be one of the world's biggest-selling recording artists, "Are 'Friends' Electric?" and "Cars" were huge hits, no one had heard, or seen, anyone like Gary Numan. The Asperger's syndrome that helped forge Numan's tunnel-like ambition, informing his music and image, also brought problems. At a time when the public knew little about the condition, the press labeled him a freak, one paper suggested his parents should have been doctored for giving birth to him. Depression, anxiety, near bankruptcy and a long period in the wilderness followed. Then Numan fell in love with his biggest fan, Gemma, who helped him rediscover his passion for music.
Gary Numan, a godfather of electronic music is on a one-way trip to crack America, returning to the studio for the first time in nearly a decade. Android in La La Land is a true celebration of a music-making pioneer and the love story that helped him turn his life around.


Love this documentary for chronicling Numan's move from the UK to the U.S. and his views on both commercial and independent music work.

Classic track "Cars":

Latest Gary Numan music "I Am Dust":

Gary Numan has influenced a wide variety of artists, from Nine Inch Nails to Prince and even Foo Fighters with his signature sound consisting of heavy synthesizer hooks fed through guitar effects pedals and his distinctive voice. He is considered a pioneer of commercial electronic music and continues expanding his work today: Numan was named the recipient of the 2016 Moog Innovation Award by Moog Music and his new album "Savage" will be released in August 2017 on the BMG label. Numan is truly a living legend!

you can purchase the "Android In La La Land" documentary now on iTunes!

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* March 24, 2017 *
VF St Patrick's Day Contest Winner!
Our trusty VF staff has placed their votes and picked a winner!
Congrats to Spifffylisa ! Bonus for taking a pic in front of a VF Banner at Dark Side Of The Con!

* March 24, 2017 *
Important Models Info

I am really sad that I need to post this again. It has come to our attention way too many times recently that AGAIN there is someone out there pretending to be either Jet or the Models admin. This persons profile keeps being removed from facebook but apparently he keeps making new ones and continuing to do this. This person is targeting girls on facebook and asking them to set up webcam chats and expecting them to do sexy things on cam, but will not show themselves to the ''potential model'' saying they have a broken laptop/web cam

Jet is not contacting you on facebook on a fake account asking you to get nude for him to become a VF Model.
I am not contacting you on facebook on a fake account asking you to get nude for me to become a VF Model.

There is NO ONE ELSE involved in the admin side of VF Models besides Jet and myself, with help from Schok_p0p. No one else! If you aren't being contacted from the Models account here on VF, or from one of Jet's valid profiles either here or elsewhere, its NOT us! It has nothing to do with VF Models!

In addition to that, We dont do scouting, and we dont do tryouts like that. To become a VF Model YOU must message our account here Models and then you are given a voting poll where Jet and the other models can vote on you to be accepted or rejected. Thats how it works, 100% of the time. We will NEVER ask you to get on cam, and we will NEVER ask you to get nude!

We really dont like to give attention to these things by making posts like this, but too many girls have personally written me and fallen prey to this recently that I feel it would be immoral not to send out another warning. If you have any additional questions, please PM me here at Models, or comment below.
* March 23, 2017 *
CENTHRON "ALLVATER" Album Available March 24! [New Music]
Centhron is a monster Harsh EBM / Elektro project from Europe- their new album "Allvater" is being released tomorrow on the Dark Dimensions Label Group!

For the new album Allvater, Centhron hails the old gods with a harsh electronic explosion!
Provocatively, erotic, aggressive, dark, melodic, catchy, atmospheric and with a new Keyboard player & female voice Sandra Schmidt. ALLVATER will be released on the 24th of March.
The may be most complete Centhron Album since 2001. There are two video clips of the new album: The songs Allvater and Deutsches Land and both give a very furious feast for the eyes!
For the song De Sade they have the voice of Melanie Neuhfer, with her classic timbre she gives a beautiful atmosphere to the music!
The dancefloors of this world will certainly burn- we are Centhron, raise your fist!

Here's an album trailer followed by videos for the title track "Allvater" and "Deutsches Land":

Centhron have always been hard-to-the-floor music. Looking forward to this one!

You can purchase "Allvater" on most major digital outlets. More information can be found on the Dark Dimensions Label Group website

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* March 23, 2017 *
Dope + Combichrist tonight in NYC!

See you guys tonight!

Blackcraft Whiskey Presents, in association with VampireFreaks:

DOPE / Combichrist : Blood lust death tour 2017

with special Guests:
September Mourning
Davey Suicide

At Highline Ballroom
431 W 16th St
New York, NY

Doors at 5:30pm
Show starts at 6pm

Tickets here
* March 22, 2017 *
LOEWENHERTZ "ECHTZEIT" Album Now Available! [New Music]
Even more fantastic new synthpop music, it's insane how many masterful releases have been released thus far this year!
Case in point: the new album from Loewenhertz on the Echozone music label!

With their second album "Echtzeit" the Electro / Synthpop duo Loewenhertz seamlessly follows their much-esteemed first release "Irgendwo in Deutschland" and delivers again a well-dosed mixture of moving electro and synth pop, whose lyrics are available in German as well as in English. The pleasantly warm and intimate voice of singer Alexander Pfahler is also able to add to songs that touch and charm, which giving both the melancholic ("Irgendwann") and slightly gloomy ("It's Too Late") the necessary catchiness. It's not surprising that the first single "Irgendwann" stormed into the Top 10 of the German DAC Charts and two other singles ("Unsichtbar" and "Wer sind Wir") have critical acclaim, also on this new album release. Musically Loewenhertz are still very well at home with fans of Depeche Mode, De / Vision and Wolfsheim. They feature varied songwriting and a sophisticated production that gives the songs the necessary sound and punching power to convince both club and worldwide radio casts.

Here's both the video for "Irgendwann" ["Sometime"] and the full "Echtzeit" album trailer:

You can purchase the full album now available on the Echozone Bandcamp site!
I've been playing out the "Irgendwann" and "Unsichtbar" singles out for a few months now so it's nice to have the rest of this album's work! You'll be hearing Loewenhertz from me this Summer on dance floors in the U.S.!

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* March 21, 2017 *
New T-shirt and Hoodie Designs!

Check out the new t-shirt and hoodie designs from

Some of my favorites:

Destrukture Demon T-shirt

VampireFreaks Angel Wings Hoodie

* March 20, 2017 *
Dark Side Of the Con Thank you!!!
Thanks to everyone that came out to dark side of the con! We seriously had a blast and the event was a huge success!
Now we can stop flooding you with all the event updates! haha XD
Thanks to all the VF members that showed up, it was great meeting lots of new people, making new friends, and getting lots of hugs!
We are planning on doing the event next year and have special early-bird $25 weekend tickets here
Also join the discussion on the Dark Side Of The Con Cult !

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