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* December 04, 2016 *
My Message to Eugenia Cooney
Wasn't sure whether or not to post this, or if it would do any good, just felt a great need to say something.?

* November 30, 2016 *
How I Style My Hair
How I do my everyday big fluffy teased hair :-)

* November 29, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* November 29, 2016 *
Dark Side Of The Con
You could spend St. Patricks Day Weekend drinking in a bar full of frat boys or you could

Come walk through a Dark haven and meet a veritable feast of creators, developers, designers, and curators of Dark, Gothic, Strange, and Unusual Art, Fashion, Items and Treasures of every sort, Kink & Alternative tools and toys, Games, and other works of the mind made real by your talented and creative kindred.

For all the weirdos, freaks and independent thinkers who are drawn to the darkside, we welcome you!

For 3 Days we take over the beautiful Radisson Hotel in Piscateway, NJ and provide you with an escape to socialize, make new friends and create new experiences.

Attend talks, panels, and Q&A sessions on many subjects near and dear to your heart, interspersed with some burlesque, talented musicians, and fire and sideshow performers. Performers will be announced shortly.

Every night of the Con: Cybertron DJ party by VampireFreaks

Pool party! Ball Pit! Movies! Surprises!

But most of all: Come be part of the only Gathering of its kind on the East Coast!

Brought to you by:
VampireFreaks / Triton Festival and Jeff Mach Events / The Steampunk World's Fair

More Info at:

Early Bird Special!
Weekend Tickets for only $25!!

Get tickets at:


We're now booking vendors and performers!
To apply to vend:
To apply to perform:

FB Event:
* November 26, 2016 *
Makeup Table Tour
What's inside my pretty makeup table, and how everything is kept ^___^

~ TaterRounds Beauty:
~ Makeup Table:
~ Cat Bed Stool:
* November 25, 2016 *
Black Friday at the VF Store
Black Friday Sale now on the VampireFreaks store!
Comment on this post and we'll pick one lucky winner to get a $50 VF Store gift certificate!

It's our biggest sale of the year - 30% OFF Over 1,000 items!

Click HERE for the VF Black Friday Sale
* November 24, 2016 *
Happy Turkey Massacre Day!
Happy Thanksgiving to all our friends here in the USA! To all our friends in other countries - thanksgiving is the day when we celebrate taking land from the native americans or something like that. We also like to get together with our families and eat lots of food. Which sometimes leads to awkward situations depending on how you like your family members. Om nom nomz. Gobble Gobble. What are you guys doing today?
I leave you with my favorite thanksgiving image, it may be an old one but I still think its great:
* November 23, 2016 *
Everyday Goth Makeup Tutorial 2
To mark 3 years on YouTube (I know right?) I recreated my first ever video, only much better! :-)

* November 21, 2016 *
Interview with Aesthetic Perfection

VF Presents:
An Interview with Aesthetic Perfection
Daniel Graves opens up and gives us a peak into his world, talking about vocal lessons, the music industry, dropping his record labels and becoming an independent artist, psychological limitations and more.

Also check out: AesthetiecPerfection on VampireFreaks

Also got VF updates:
- Code optimizations / Performance enhancements to make the site faster.
- Bug fix regarding incorrect 'online' statuses
- Bug fix regarding email verifications not working
* November 21, 2016 *
Latest Favourites! Beauty, Music, More

? Items I showed you...
~ FamilySkiner's Store (ear plugs):
~ Vide Noir's Store (bat wings):
~ Selfie Light:
~ Andy Sex Gang's new album:
~ Disjecta Membra EP:

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