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* September 29, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #315 - Gimme A Break
* September 28, 2014 *
Vampire Coffee in China: Simply a gimmick or mainstreaming monsters
The recent opening of a Vampire themed restaurant and cafe in China, suggests that rather than a simple gimmick, this and others like it (Vampire Cafe in Japan), are making the monsters of myth around the world more of a mainstreaming effort than an opportunity to make money from television and movie franchise popularity (True Blood, Vampire Diaries, Being Human, "the three movie franchise that shall remain nameless",etc...). Do you see this happening in your city and country, or is it just someone trying to make a buck off of the success of popular cultures acceptance of vampires as entertainment?

* September 28, 2014 *
VF at New York Comic-con! Plus After-party

VampireFreaks will have a booth again at New York Comiccon in 2 weeks!
Come find us in the same spot as last year - Booth 2380!
Plus Saturday, October 11th:
VampireFreaks and NYC Ravers present
Super Smashed Bros. -VS- CYBERTRON
We join forces to take over both floors of Santos Party House in NYC, for one Epic Comic-con After Party!
DJ's on both Floors
Burlesque Dancers
Comic-con cosplay contest
Go-go dancers
Decorations, video projections, and more!
Click Here for more info!
* September 27, 2014 *
Extraordinary Eye Make-up That You Can Do
We've seen all kinds of efforts to turn the eye area into a work of art, but very few get it right. One make-up artist with a fine hand and great imagination is Lucinda Kerner, who has a catalog of pieces that shouldn't be missed. You can view them here at and don't hesitate in contacting her. A great lady who loves to work with others without the pretense. Do you have a favorite dark eye work artist?

* September 26, 2014 *
New VF Model!

New VF Model!
Please welcome...

* UnpardonableSin *

No one has ever worked harder to become a VF model than this amazing girl.
We are honored to have added her passion, drive, and determination to our group!
She kicks ass! Show her some well-deserved love over at UnpardonableSin

It also happens to be her birthday today! Happy Birthday!

All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.
Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* September 25, 2014 *
VF Store - New Stuff, Plus 'Fuck Normal' Sale!
We just got a bunch of new stuff in at the VF Store!
Check out the New Items from Lowbrow Art Company
Plus we got a bunch of Halloween Costumes to get ready for Halloween.
Also, to celebrate our awesome contest entries on the 'Dress Normal' contest, we got a special 'Fuck Normal' themed VF Store Sale!
15% Off everything for the next few days with super secret coupon code 'fucknormal'.

Click Here for the VF Store
* September 24, 2014 *
VF 'Dress Normal' Contest - Winner!
Voting has ended! =)
Congrats to XxYaZpUnKxX and her sister NatyMetal
with their winning entry:

This contest was a lot of fun, thanks to everyone who participated!
* September 23, 2014 *
Dracula Untold?
'Dracula Untold', the Latest Vampire movie coming out next month:

Looks potentially good but probably craptastic. I'd still see it anyway. Whatcha guys think?
* September 22, 2014 *
Writhe and Shine #314 - Gary The Absinthe Guy

Sorry the strip is a little late. I was in Portland this weekend for Rose City Comic Con and I got home late last night.
* September 22, 2014 *
VF 'Dress Normal' Contest - Final Round!
Last round of the 'Dress Normal' Contest posted!

Pick the winners here!

Voting ends in 24 hours
The Last month of soenternal_abyss wrote:
A little background before we jump right in... My teeth issues started when i was 6 years old, I tripped over a sidewalk and cracked my front tooth. I went through about 10 years of root canals on this to try and save the tooth. well when i was 17 i bit into a crab ragoon and fractured my tooth on the crunchy part. (I already had a gum infection at the time) So Truman medical (a near by discount hospital) told me nothing was wrong just an infection. when i went to UMKC a dental school a few weeks later they said the fracture was below the gum line there wasn't anything to do for it and i was already in so much pain so they pulled it. 17 - 22 i lived with not having a front tooth. Teeth are very important have always been important. (I have a teeth fetish want to know ask not talking about that here.) Any who. This crushed me. Well I went through all the normal channels, several dentists. oh lets do a flopper (only one tooth partial denture), a partial denture, an implant a bridge. All these sound wonderful i wanted the implant but it's 1500 just for the implant. I had to do invisaline first said the major dentist i went to for about 1 1/2 years. so from 18ish - 22 i wore invisaline in my mouth so no one would know no granted this invisaline was cracked and broken over 3 years ago it should have come out and i should of had something permanent. money is always an issue. So thats that tooth story and i do think you should be caught up. So the last month or so for me I haven't been on but thats not what i'm here to talk about. Within the last month my mouth started hurting (on the top) just a tooth ache right? the link below "SHOULD" let you see the swollen face not entirely sure though. Try this to see swollen face So my face swelled it was miserable. Alex (boyfriend) finally had me put ice on it took 2 hours to get my whole face's swelling to go down but the ice helped a lot while i had the ice on their i had told him that it felt like my cheek just needed to pop. After the ice had all melted my cheek still hurt. (for those close to me you know i like to pick at things i can't stop it's a compulsion of sorts) so i pushed on my cheek and pulled down my face (hurt my skin felt great though) after doing this a couple times and having to spit cause i could taste the infection my cheek actually did pop. Some of the infection (a lot) popped out of my gums releasing the pressure and pain that i felt, the rest of the swelling went down. Still i knew i would have to fix this. It was not gonna get better on its own not when i can actually pop things in my mouth. and yes i understand that this is gross no i do not feel bad or gross about this. it felt great. Anyway I had to talk to my job i told them that i had periodontal gum disease. (i do left that part out UMKC 2ish years ago diagnosed me) That i would most likely need to pull all my top teeth and would need 2 days off and my weekend to give myself time for healing before returning. Thursday the 18th i had a consult appointment with a new dentist my boyfriends mom highly recommended. On Friday the 19th i told my bosses that the could get me in on the 23rd for the surgery (really short notice for work) but they worked it out for me (i never take off) So on Wednesday the 23 i had 12 top teeth removed from my mouth. They were same day dentures so i got those. and prompty passed out when i got home. I work overnights so my day went like: 9pm - woke up for work 11pm - went to work midnight - started work 8am - left work 830am - got home got Alex 9am - at office took impressions. 1045am - CVS for prescriptions antibiotics and such. 1100am - food 1200pm - CVS to pick up 1240pm - at home hanging out 130pm - headed to doctors took anxiety medicine (i will be conscious for extraction. 2pm - at doctors talking sometime in here they pulled 12 teeth. my infection that was on the left side of my mouth wouldn't let the Novocaine take effect properly. they had to try and take it out. Alex kept touching my leg when i made ouch sounds. They had 4 teeth that the infection was by, that were difficult to pull. They started from the back of that. the last tooth i could literally feel them pulling out like there was no numbing agent. Alex grabbed my hand for that it hurt so bad. (I love him so much for being there) 345pm - Alex driving me home. 4pm - took pain meds and antibiotics 405pm - asleep I woke up sometime in the middle of the night and took more pain meds. but that was my day. At 1100am i went back after finally being awake at 5am that day. The dentists say i'm healing properly i have good blood clots and that i'm speaking better than most the day after surgery. but now i can smile and eat and everything is getting better. Thanks for reading all this if you actually did. All of this means a lot. I'm 22 years old and i don't have top teeth. and i am so happy. even with the risks. by the way if your wondering about the risks. my gums will recede the older i get and when i'm 40-50 years i may not be able to have dentures because there may not be enough to support them. This was worth the risk to me. you have teeth problems for so long this needs to happen. Also can you tell that they're not really real teeth? They are build well I paid for that at least.

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