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* August 24, 2016 *
"I Want to be Goth but I can't Afford it."
Hello fellow night lurkers!

I am a little late with today's Tuesday Q&A video but thankfully I managed to get it uploaded by midnight!
As a very quick intro (in case I have any new bats here) Tuesday Q&A topics are based off of questions you private message to me here on Vampire Freaks. If you have something you would like to me discuss please feel free to send me that topic in a message.


I have found that this topic has been requested or repeated regularly by a younger age range so some parts will be rudimentary to more seasoned viewers. The most common and recurring thing that was mentioned to me last week through private messages and Youtube comments was, "I want to be Goth but I can't afford it." which instantly caused my head to tilt and eyebrow to raise. This subculture's roots in fashion, I feel at least, is heavily D.I.Y (do it yourself) with good large dashes of thrift store prowling.
So within this video I do my best to explain thrift store prowling, how to know what to look for once inside the thrift store, and D.I.Y.

How do you guys enjoy to D.I.Y your clothing? any materials you hunt for specifically? I personally enjoy anything with ruffles, lace or velvet.
Feel free to leave your opinions in the comment section; I love reading them.

Until next week, Stay Spooky!
-Allison Eckfeldt
* August 23, 2016 *
[Music] "Live at Vortex: R?Generate" (Philadelphia- 2016)

Live at Vortex: R?Generate (Philadelphia- 2016) by END: the DJ on Mixcloud

Recorded live at a VORTEX event in Philadelphia earlier this month presented by Mike Saga
This was a fantastic party with non-stop music at ION Nightclub! One of the highlights of the year, this was a lavish production that proved a prime example of a dark alternative music club scene.

New music included Liquid Newt (featuring Frank Spinath of Seabound on vocals), RIOTLEGION on the Blind Mice Productions label, Noisuf-X, Sirus plus a few treasured favourites and modern reworks ;-)
Turn this one up aliendj

Set list:
Talking Heads- Psycho Killer (DeepDelic Remix- END edit)
Eurythmics- Here Comes The Rain Again (Freemasons Remix)
Liquid Newt - Walk With Scars (Remix)
RIOTLEGION- The Revolution Will Not Be Synthesized (Benjamin'sPlague Remix)
Noisuf-X - Silence
E-Craft - Gone
Syncrotek- Spit In My Mouth
Suicide Commando- The Pain That You Like (C-Lekktor Remix)
Icon Of Coil- Headhunter
Chainreactor- The Silence & the Noise
Aengeldust- Dancefloor Killer
Tactical Sekt- Xfixiation ([:SITD:] Hellfire Remix)
Sirus- Full Scale Revolt
Terrolokaust- Falling Away From Me

* August 22, 2016 *
Tripp Restock and Last chance for 25% OFF!
Great news!
We've received a full restock of the Tripp gear you love and this is your last chance to grab it for 25% OFF!
Get It Now While Supplies Last!

* August 22, 2016 *
New VF Models!

New VF Models!
Please welcome...





All information on how to become a VF model is listed on the Models profile.
Aspiring models should join our Hopefuls cult!
* August 21, 2016 *
I feel this may appeal to the interest of my Vampire Freaks fellows in particular ;-)

* August 19, 2016 *
VF Updates - Friday night edition!
woohoo friday night, time to party hard with that vf code.
must... step... away.... from... computer....

Latest VF updates:
added a 'preview' option for sending inbox messages
added a 'close' button when sending inbox message on mobile. i couldn't quite seem to hit that 'X' button at the top right on mobile and it was pissing me off.
added 'cult broadcasts' (premium feature) - allows cult admins to send inboxes to all members of a cult
* August 19, 2016 *
New Video from 3 Teeth
New Video from 3 Teeth released, called 'Atrophy', its pretty dope, check it out:

3 Teeth has been kinda blowing up lately, as they recently went on tour with Tool, and they're being praised for bringing industrial music back to its roots. It is a new welcome change from all the EBM stuff in the scene, they've got some good attitude and their music is very reminiscent of oldskool industrial.
More info on 3 Teeth Video
* August 18, 2016 *
Epic M'era Luna Haul!
Pretty sure all the stuff I bought at the M'era Luna festival was extremely cool, and I wasn't even drunk! :o

* August 17, 2016 *
New Musics!
New video from our local NJ friends PanicLift :
"Finally What You Wanted" appears on Panic Lift's new album "Skeleton Key" which will be released on 09/23/16 on Metropolis Records and is available for pre-order now.

Dope just released a music video for "Hold On", the first official single from their upcoming album "Blood Money Part 1", which will be released via eOne Music on October 28th.

* August 16, 2016 *
If you don't Dress Goth can you be Goth?
Tuesday oh Tuesday; how you always sneak up on us Tuesday.

Hello beautiful bats,
Welcome to another Q&A Tuesday!
As a very quick intro (in case I have any new bats here) Tuesday Q&A topics are based off of questions you private message to me here on Vampire Freaks. If you have something you would like to me discuss please feel free to send me that topic in a message.


If you don't dress Goth can you be Goth?
This was an interesting question I received from about three different users. I think everyone will have different view points on this topic; so I look forward to reading your comments.

My personal viewpoint is in the video above.
In a quick summary though I think the term 'Goth' is just that... a term. There's no need to get caught up in invisible clothing or attitude rules revolving the term.
Sure we use the term Goth a lot; but I see saying that "I'm Goth" or that "I'm interested in Goth things" is just an easier way to get my interests across rather than naming all my interests individually.
Goth to me is a catchall term, not a defining label.

How do you guys feel about this? What's your viewpoint?
I look forward to what you have to say.

Until next Tuesday!
Stay Spooky!
-Allison Eckfeldt

I was on the train to London420b wrote:
I was on the train to London the other day and came on vf trying to distract myself. My fat fingers were just clicking on everything accidentally and I actually landed on kingabsurds profile because he was in the news feed for some reason. I noticed he'd wrote a journal so I just decided to look at that and then I went along propping some things. Then I noticed I had very swiftly been blocked. I just assume that's because of my drunken journal the other day where I wholeheartedly disagreed with the decisions to delete a bunch of longstanding members of the website on sight all of a sudden because they often successfully upset people with their inane trolling or criticisms. I still, as an adult and perhaps a slightly more enlightened adult than some of you think that your hurt fee-fees are totally on you. If you have a problem, you have a problem. It's not everybodies problems but for some reason in this world we constantly have to pander to a lot of people and their fucking problems. Anyway King, I literally have no idea still whats been going on around here this year. I've been AWOL. I couldn't give a flying piss if every single person on the website thinks you're a cunt. It's absolutely down to me to decide who I think is a cunt and quite frankly I don't remember much at all from my drunken internet activities beyond some irritating guy messaging me a lot and trying to neg nudes out of me. Genuinely, I do not care about the ins and outs and everyone elses feelings on this fucking subject. My friends are being deleted, so I'm mildly pissed off. Sometimes I have time to kill and at the moment almost nobody left to discuss my life issues with. I'd say that every single person that ever blocks me simply because of my associations with people they don't like leave me extremely miffed and turned off immediately. Adulting. It's like 99% of vf don't like to do it, even for five minutes.
22nd August - Saarihelvetti Festival forestspirit99 wrote:
Just when I think that the summer festival period is over they announce a brand new metal event – SaariHelvetti festival. I came across the advert for this earlier in the week while on my way to judo training. I normally don't pay much attention to anything that happens in August because by then the only music event taking place in the city is a hip-hop & rap festival called Blockfest. This year was different though, Blockfest was still held at the stadium but a bunch of metal metal enthusiasts got together and organized SaariHelvetti at Viikinsaari island. Viikinsaari is a small island and a nature resort situated on one of Tampere's main lakes. My husband and I have been there before but this was a completely different experience. The ticket price included a ferry trip to and from the island. It was a relatively hot day so it was great to get away from the mainland for a while and enjoy the scenery. The first band we saw was Ranger – a Finnish thrash metal band who also played South Park festival a two months ago. Once again they put on a great show and we both really enjoyed their performance. Next up was Mustan Kuun Lapset – a Finnish melodic black metal band who I'd never thought that I would get to see live. They split up back in 2007 and I haven't heard much from them since; until recently when they announced that they have reformed to play a few shows. They played at the Tanssilava stage which wasn't the greatest of venues. It's basically an old hall designed for ballroom dancing. Needless to say that the acoustics weren't quite up to the task and it was a challenge to see the band from the edge of the crowd. That didn't stop me from enjoying the show, especially when they played my favorite track – 'Lucifer & Rosemary'. Sotajumala play average, old school death metal. Whilst I don't mind some of their songs, the music isn't super exciting. The only thing which sets theses guys apart from the ever growing sea of mediocre death metal is that their lyrics, if you can actually make out what they're singing that is, are all in Finnish. Turmion Kätilöt however, is a completely different beast. I've been to quite a few gigs but I've never heard or seen anything like them before. Their style is a bizarre mix of the following: the industrial and techno elements of Rammstein and Pain, the punkish attitude and themes of Tubonegro and the “chaos-avantgardism” of Waltari. Oh and they have two singers: MC Raaka Pee and Spektaakkeli (a.k.a. Spellgoth, the current vocalist of the black metal band Horna). Their show was highly entertaining to watch thanks to their ultra catchy “disco-metal” and the singers' frequent and somewhat rude jokes between each song announcements. Overall, SaariHelvetti turned out to be a lot better than I expected. The weather was perfect for the occasion and the line-up was actually better than South Park festival. I finally got to see Mustan Kuun Lapset and I discovered the bizarre delights of Turmion Kätilöt. I hope that that there will be another festival on the island next year.

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