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* June 26, 2017 *
Interview with Eraserhead

Come check out the newest user interview with Eraserhead!
Click Here!

* June 25, 2017 *
Happy Pride Day 2017!
star We love and support you guys, Never be afraid to be who you are. star
* June 23, 2017 *
Exclusive Preview of Reagitator, Starring Aurelio Voltaire!
One of our own, gothic icon Aurelio Voltaire ( VoltaireNYC ) is starring in a new indie film! Reagitator: Revenge of the Parody is an absurd and artsy pastiche of the horror genre. The film features giant monsters, rapid zombies, and a misfit group of survivors.

Synopsis: Aurelio Voltaire and Schoolly D star in this tale about an aristocrat (Amanda Flowers) resurrected by mad doctor Orbert Wescraft (Jurgen Azazel Munster). When she rebels against the Doctor and joins a cult of the undead, it's pandemonium as the sinister creatures resurrect a giant monster to destroy all mortals. Will two wacky journalists (Yolpie Kaiser, Mickala McFarlane), a mad teenage girl bent on revenge (supermodel Sofe Cote), and a perma-tripping boy genius (Max Husten) be able to save the world in time? Also featuring Lloyd Kaufman as the Chief of Police, and narrated by Mr. Lobo, the star of the remake of Plan 9.

The director of the film, Dylan Mars Greenberg ( Disck ), has granted VampireFreaks an exclusive premier of the trailer and an extended first look at the film. Check out the video below, which includes the trailer, a (very NSFW!) music video, and a few scenes from the film itself. Let us know what you think! ReAgitator premieres at Anthology Film Archives July 1st 6-9PM.

Article by TheGothicLibrarian

* June 23, 2017 *
Cybertron Tomorrow with Velvet Acid Christ
See you guys at Cybertron tomorrow in NYC!!

show the flyer below to get reduced admission:!

* June 22, 2017 *
VampireFreaks: Baby Bat Edition

Everyone starts their transition to alternative fashion at different times in their life.

Today, we'd like to know what you were like as a baby bat!

What was your first band/artist you listened to in an alternative genre?
What was it about the alternative/goth style that attracted you to it?
How old were you when you started identifying with the alterative/goth scene?
Do you have photos of yourself back in your baby bat days?

Comment your thoughts, pics, gifs and video clips in the comment section below!
* June 21, 2017 *
'Promote My Band' feature, plus Artwork contest winners
'Promote My Band' feature is back - bands with premium membership can now search and invite users to check out their band!

Also the poll results are in and here are the VF artwork contest winners! Thanks to everyone that entered, great job guys!

1st Place: Graveyard

2nd Place: Nameless_Ghoulx

3rd Place: Modified_Rabbit
* June 20, 2017 *
drool drool drool hearts hearts hearts

Do you love it or hate it?

* June 19, 2017 *

Check out the newest user interview with zander-cooper-black
* June 19, 2017 *
"Giving In To The Change" by "Imperative Reaction"
You guys know this song by, "Giving In To The Change" by "Imperative Reaction".

How many of you wasted time on people that weren't worth it, only to be left picking up your broken pieces on your own.
Tag a friend that's wasting time on someone right now. aliendj

* June 15, 2017 *
Stabbing Westward NYC - tickets now on sale!
Tickets on Sale Now!!
VampireFreaks Presents Stabbing Westward - Saturday, August 19th
These tickets WILL SELL OUT!

30 Year Anniversary Show, First NYC Show in 16 years!

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