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* February 17, 2017 *
Random VF Models facts

PrincessMortissa is a pretty new VampireFreaks Model.
Let's introduce her to you by sharing some random facts about her.
Ready? Here we go!

1. She's like a crow; If something is shiny and sparkly, she HAS to have it!

2. Princess Mortissa loves making everything around her pretty, whether it's her phone or bedroom, it has to be aesthetically pleasing. This also means that she loves customizing things. If you've read the first fact, I think you can imagine how most of her DIY-projects turn out.

3. Upcoming spring, she'll be vegan for 1 year. Before that she was vegetarian for about 6 or 7 years.

4. Princess Mortissa has a huge love for bats! This might sound very clich for a goth, but she thinks that their cuteness just has a very calming effect. Friends often send her cute bat videos and although she really appreciates that, of course she has already seen them most of the time. And this brings us to the fifth fact...

5. ...Apart from watching bats online, she also loves admiring her taxidermy bats. She has a taxidermy collection and the biggest part of it consists of bats, five to be precise. But don't worry! Of course she only purchases cruelty-free taxidermy and some animals were found dead by herself.

6. With her height being 5'10" or 178 cm, she's quite a tall lady. When she was younger, she thought she shouldn't wear platforms because of her height. But oh, she was so wrong! Nowadays she believes you should rock whatever garment you want to wear and for her that means wearing platforms everyday.

7. Princess Mortissa loves tea! More specifically herbal tea, she's not really into black teas. Her favorite flavors are chai and anything sweet, like licorice.

8. Eventhough she was very afraid of the dark as a child, she has always been attracted to the darker and more spooky things. This also meant that she got into alternative fashion at a pretty early age. Princess got her first piece of clothing by an alternative brand when she was eleven years old, pants from Poizen Industries. Until then, she had to goth-up her black clothes with things like chains and buttons.

9. After failing at attempting to dye her hair white, she dyed her hair pink. That's 3,5 years ago now and she hasn't had any regrets since! She loves pink in general and doesn't see herself changing her hair color.

10. Princess Mortissa loves reading and her favorite writer is Oscar Wilde. She totally agrees with a famous quote of him: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated". She fell in love with his work after reading The Picture of Dorian Grey.

* February 17, 2017 *
VF Salute Contest!
been a while since we did a contest! sorry guys been crazy busy!
got a new VF Salute Contest for you!
Post a 'salute' picture
( a picture of yourself holding a sign that says < your username > @ VampireFreaks )

Grand Prize: $100 Gift Certificate to the VampireFreaks Store plus lifetime premium membership

Simple post your picture(s) as a comment on this journal thread!
You cannot enter a salute that was entered in any previous VF contests.
Deadline: February 28th


let's see what you got! ;-)
* February 16, 2017 *
Dark Side Of the Con Ticket Winners!
Dark Side Of the Con Ticket Winners!
Each of you guys win a FREE pair of tickets!

ALSO for VampireFreaks Members -
Today is your last day to get $20 off a weekend pass - that's a full 3-day weekend for only $30!
Use discount code: vampirefreaks

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Going to the con?
Join the Dark Side Of the Con - VF Cult!
* February 15, 2017 *
Valentine's, Beauty, Goat Touching - Q & A
Answering your questions! My gawd this took a lifetime to upload, I need a new computer, anyway, enjoy! ^___^

* February 10, 2017 *
Get to know the VF Models

MarDCaos, is a 34 year old freelance artist that has been living in Arizona since 2010, she is originally from Mexico D.F, raised in Guadalajara, Jalisco MX. She enjoys having the opportunity to tell stories with the team of people she has the honor to work with when doing a photoshoot, runway events, cosplays, etc. ... "Every single person involved with what I do is a key element in my life as a model. I would not be here without them. One of the greatest feelings is when make-up artists, hairstylists, designers, photographers have me work with them to represent them, to be their canvas, to present to the public what they can create. I embrace and I am grateful for every moment I have the chance to do something for them, since this is my mission as a model."

Mar D Caos is also an actress, "I fell in love with film the first time I tried it and this is something I want to pursue more for the coming years". Acting has definitely taken her modeling to whole different level. "I get to experience someone else's life, in a fantasy world, realistic scenarios, comedy, action and that's something beautiful to do", she says. Without going to school for acting due to the lack of funds didn't mean she would quit to continue working with this form of art.

Why Mar D Caos? If you know Spanish you will notice that it reads Sea of Chaos, but why? It seems like a tragic name, you may say. The name was inspired/thought that came from a tragic life. She struggled for years since she was young, she was in an environment of violence, drama and seclusion for a while. Without having a desire to do anything, feeling like a robot programmed just to go to school, do chores and work. Feeling a lack of identity nor finding a reason to be in this world and having suicidal thoughts. Then things changed, she was able to break from all that, conquering fear and leaving everything negative behind. This was the beginning of something that changed her life forever and became the artist that she now is. With the goal of inspiring people to make their dreams come true, she will continue to work hard and following her passion until the end.

* February 08, 2017 *
Goths React to 40 Years of Mens Goth Style
After being whammed with requests for this video, here it is! My reaction/opinion piece on Liisa Ladouceur's latest creation, what do you think? :-)

* February 08, 2017 *
Free Tickets to Dark Side Of The Con!
We're giving away 3 pairs of FREE TICKETS to Dark Side Of The Con exclusively to VF Members!

To win tickets:
Simply comment on this entry! Optionally tell us why you would like to attend the event!

Winners will be selected on February 12th.

Also, updated entertainment lineup announced ::
* February 07, 2017 *
Singles Awareness Day
Here at VampireFreaks, we *cough* love Valentine's Day! die It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.
What do you guys think about Valentine's Day, have any interesting experiences?

To celebrate this wondrous occasion, we are indeed having a Valentine's Day sale at the VF Store! So whether you love or hate the holiday, atleast we have some cool deals!

* February 06, 2017 *
Writhe and Shine #387 - Gone Too Long
* February 05, 2017 *
Newest VF Model Pics!

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