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* September 24, 2016 *
VF Store Fall Sale - 30% OFF Aesop Originals
? We're celebrating the start of Fall over at the VF store with 30% OFF all Aesop Original items.
Great deals on over 100 of some of our most popular items, including some brand new stuff!

Click Here for the VF Store Sale
* September 23, 2016 *
Life Doesn't Always Suck
That's right, we may be children of the night and things may not always work out but remember....

What was your favorite Crow movie?
Are you looking forward to the remake?
* September 23, 2016 *
VF Updates!
Latest VF Updates:
-Fixed image uploads to be able to handle images that are not properly named / formatted. Should fix most of the issues that users were having with getting 'corrupt image' errors.

-User Search optimized. Now shows the number of results and returns pages of results instead of the infinity scroll.

-Cult Invites are back! 'Invite' link is on the 'control panel' for each cult. Or if you are not an admin of a cult, there is an 'invite' link in the 'my cults' page. 'Cult Invite' features include searching for members to invite, being able to save your cult invite message, and preview your cult invite message.
Note - I will be implementing a feature to block / disable cult invites in the next couple of days with options for blocking specific genres, but for now you guys can go nuts! :-)
Cult invite limits are: 600 per day per cult for free members, 3000 per day per cult for premium members

If you're not an active member of any cults, make sure you check some out!
You can browse cults at:
* September 22, 2016 *
Is This You? lol
* September 21, 2016 *
Cybertron - Assemblage 23 updates, plus winners announced
Opening bands announced for Cybertron
Saturday, October 1st with Assemblag 23

We'd like to welcome:
We Are Temporary

We've had both these bands perform for us in the past and they put on a killer show!

Also, we've got winners for our contest, the following members get 2 free tickets to the show!

Flyer / more info:

Buy Tickets:

In other VF news...
Finally finishing up 'Cult Invites' for you guys, I'll have those up and running shortly.
* September 21, 2016 *
Birthday Thanks! And some other news!
This live feed was done on our VampireFreaks Facebook page but the thank you goes to you guys as well!
Thanks for the VF love! hearts

* September 21, 2016 *
Writhe and Shine #378 - MIA
* September 21, 2016 *
Doritos & Mountain Dew Challenge!
Ever wondered what Doritos flavoured Mountain Dew tastes like?

* September 21, 2016 *
VF Models Sets!

Check out the newest work from our VF Models!


Click on the photo to view more of the same set!
* September 20, 2016 *
Customising a T-Shirt from Belial Clothing!
New video! Snipping a shirt from Belial Clothing plus chit-chat about DIY elitism in the scene :-)

? Belial Clothing:
? Their Instagram: belialclothing
The Armbitchimcatwoman wrote:
Blayde was sitting on a barstool staring blankly at the huge glass in front of her, it was covered in condesation because of the cold contents. It was full with a thick banana milkshake that was mostly made up of vanilla ice cream, a banana and only a small amount of milk, her favourite treat in the world was a banana milkshake. Her long jet black hair was pulled back into a messy ponytail with a few locks hanging down over her face, she didn't have her mask on as she was drinking her milkshake so her facial scarring was on full display. The girl had four large, very straight but very ragged scars below each eye down to her chin, they were old but visibly very obvious. The woman seemed to be slightly edgy about them, keeping her head down or running her hand over her face whenever people walked past. She was sat next to two men, a tall bear like blonde blood elf called Lavanor who had become her adoptive father after he married Blayde's best friend and a tall dark haired man called Draxenthor, both whom where chatting and laughing while drinking whiskey. Drax was Lavanors close friend and his business partner, the two men ran a group of mercenaries along side Lavanors wife, Astylr. Blayde let out a long drawn out sigh as the men chatted about business stuff, the girl couldn't be bothered with it today, instead she was sat craddling her wolf pup in her lap and sipping the milkshake. She'd been eyeing up the mechanical arm Drax had, during a spat with a death knight he had tragically lost it, he was also missing a leg that was replaced with another machine, both were whirring away and Blayde was sitting on her hands to refrain from touching it. It took just 10 minutes before she caved to her temptation. The tiny woman began rummaging about in her hipbag and humming to herself, the men were too deep in some important discussion to notice what she was doing, let alone that she had just pulled out a screwdriver. They were too busy talking about renovating some lodgings for new recruits to notice the woman placing her wolf pup on the floor ever so carefully and lean forward, eyeing up Drax to make sure he was paying full attention to Lav before she spotted an ominous looking bolt. A sly grin spread across her face, her emerald eyes glittering with mayhem. With her tongue poking out of the corner of her mouth, she leaned in closer and set to work, constantly glancing up to make sure neither men had spotted her. Her wolf pup, Chaos, was helping her by distracting them as he attacked their ankles every time they looked as if they were going to look up and constantly looking for attention. She managed to loosen the bolt and everso carefully remove it, placing it on the table and she stared at the arm, hoping it would do something and pouting sadly when nothing happened which was when she spotted an interesting wire. Grinning she reached out and began to swap two wires down before taking a step back and hopping off the stool, her grin expanding when the fingers of the mechanical arm began twitching before whirring into actions. The arm threw the bottle of whiskey across the room before suddenly landing on Lavs arse. "Now Drax, I know we are close...But GET YOUR HAND OFF MY ARSE!" Lavanor yelled, swatting the mechanical hand away as it went nuts, whirring away and throwing everything it could lift and groping anything it could grab. With a triumphant snigger, the tiny rogue legged it out the room with Chaos close to her heels, yapping excitedly as she sprinted out of the building, away from the crashes, smashing and distinct mechanical whirring of the arm going completely and utterly bonkers. She was laughing manically as she sprinted through Silvermoon, shortly followed by yelling. "BLAYDE!!!"

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